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Starting T3 only

I know at least one person on here takes T3 only so wonder if they could advise on taking T3 and when to increase dose.

My TSH is never over 4, no antibodies to speak of, low B12, low but in range FT4 and FT3. Started metavive in January - got sore throats and gained weight; started NDT (naturethroid) in May and got sore throat, gained weight. Thyroid shows no nodules or damage on ultrasound. Stopped SI B12 last year after fatigue and weight gain got worse.

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I haven't started T3 only yet, am still in the planning stage, but I really recommend this book by Paul Robinson as his own personal journey with hypothyroidism to taking T3. It's packed with good info and advice:

Recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson (foreword by Dr John Lowe)

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Thanks 😉


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