When to Dose T3 Only?


I have posted here before but not in a few months as I was sorting out what medication route I wanted to take. I finally landed on a compounded T3 only route (i was allergic to most fillers in regular), it is NOT sustained release, it is PURE T3. As of now I am doing 3 times a day using Paul Robinson's methods, including a circadian method dose early before waking to help adrenals. I am about 3 weeks in and like how I am feeling as the T4 leaves my body, but have not yet had that AHAH moment of reaching health. I am wondering if it is too early to tell, maybe I need to clear T4 a little longer, or if perhaps dosing in threes is not the best route. I am currently on 60mcgs, 25 at 4am - 24 at 11am - 10 at 5pm. I have no signs of tissues over stimulation, my vitals (taken every day 8x a day) are all low still, low BP, low HR, low Temps. I most likely need to raise higher but am taking it very slow. Any advice would be appreciated.

Still have bad digestion, no weight loss, fatigue (though it is improving), brain fog. I get the most energy from my 11AM DOSE, I wake up VERY VERY tired still even with my early AM dose.

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Was in a similar situation to you on T3 only and had slowly increased my dose up to 100mcg. Temperature and pulse were coming up slowly but every now and again would get palpitations - not too severe but unpleasant.

I saw Dr P last week who examined me and said I was over medicated and that palpitations were a sign of toxicity. However I have had them on or off since being diagnosed (even when on T4) only. I had a cortisol test last year where the readings were OK so had assumed adrenals were OK. However, Dr P thought that they were struggling so am going to start some adrenal glandulars next week.

Is adrenal function something you've considered?

Yes it is, I have had some tests done that show low cortisol. I am taking a dose of T3 at 4:30am to help give cortisol a boost as Paul Robinsons recommends for healing adrenals. When do you dose your T3?

I dose first thing in the morning although I know a lot of people dose throughout the day; perhaps something else for me to try :-).

If the early T3 dose doesn't work then perhaps consider adrenal support in the future?

I also assume Vitamin D3, B12, Ferritin and folate are all decent?

Not at all I have a rare Mediterranean blood disease called thallasemia. It causes my red blood cells to be very tiny and I cannot carry oxygen through my body causing severe anemia and B12 deficiency. I get shots of B12 plus supplement and I supplement Iron and will probably start iron transfusions. D3 is good now that I supplement.

I was thinking of trying to take everything in one dose haha. I guess we have to try it all to see what works. I will say my favorite dose is my 11am one, that is what I get the most energy from which is strange that my early morning dose would not help the most.

Interested to read that you have been to see Dr Peatfield. I used to see him many years ago and another member of this group has given me his details. As T3 has been removed it think I will have to go and see him once more. Is he managing to help you? Ann

Hi Ann. I hope so. He thought I was taking too much T3 so I have cut down my dose but the main thing was that he diagnosed the need for a bit more adrenal support.

I've been following his initial protocol of supporting adrenals with vitamins and minerals but he thought I needed to move on to kick starting adrenal function using adrenal glandular. I'm about to start that soon and I'm hoping it will help.

He's a really nice guy and unlike all the other medical professionals I've worked with is keen to listen to what I have to say

Thank you for your post. Is Dr Peter able to offer T3? I am on T4 prescribed to me but am missing the T3 that I was on happily until they withdrew it. I will ring his office tomorrow. I Ainderby if he still comes to Malvern? I live miles from Crawley Ann

No, he cannot offer T3 unfortunately. He also believed that dessicated thyroid is superior to synthetic T3 and there is one product he recommends, Metavive. However I'm not sure if I want to swap to this product (I've seen a few concerns raised) or even a standard NDT product as I still want to experiment further with T3.

Not sure how far afield he travels, best contact him

thank you, I will ring his office today. Also, have you managed to find out about sourcing T3 yet. I note that you were asking about that some months ago, and it seems increasingly difficult to obtain it. I would also rather keep going with T3 as I know that that worked for me. Any news would be helpful. Ann

I have absolutely no idea about T3 dosage or split doses, but have you considered taking a higher dose at 4.00am? Maybe then you could take less at 11.00am...

Yes, I am hoping to get approval to raise that dose soon. My vitals are still low so I think that should be my next move.

Do you need approval?

Well I suppose not haha. I could try it out and check vitals.

Indeed. Or, just how you feel :-)

Yes yes! are you on T3 only?

I've been on T3 only for nearly fifteen years up until recently. It takes my body three months to adjust to small change in dose so it might take you a while especially where you suddenly switched completely :-)

I dose throughout the day as otherwise it's too strong for me in one. Three times at waking, before lunch and before tea. If I take it night, it just keeps me awake most the time but everyone is different.

Well I'm no expert on the 3 times a day routine but the one thing I know is vital, (and was also told this by Dr. P. who is my specialist), that uninterrupted sleep is absolutely essential. If you're setting the alarm for 4.00 a.m., or now waking automatically to take meds, it's no wonder you're extra tired. I still feel a bit groggy first thing but fine once I'm up and about. I've been hypothyroid for over 20 years, the digestion thing I manage with natural products, and I am really careful with what I eat although I still can't lose any substantial amount of weight and am carrying a stone and a half more than I should for my height. My BMR, (yes Basal Metabolic Rate - more valuable than BMI), is 1400 cals a day, and to lose a 1lb a week I'd need to drop 500 cals a day which is not possible for me long term. Exercise is futile and it's been proven a multitude of times that weight loss is 80% food intake and how it's metabolised, and only 20% exercise. You can't lose belly or visceral fat from exercise, I've seen several documentaries explaining this as well now. that's not to say exercise isn't important - it definitely is for keeping supple and cardio wise, just don't expect to lose a belly with it. The only way I can personally lose a little weight is to do an approved cleanse every now and then and keep eating healthily - a healthy gut is the most important thing for our health generally, and there's lots of evidence out there about that too.

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