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Weight loss

Wondering if any body has lost weight really quickly been to get blood results serum tsh2.7 miu/1 (0.27-4.2) serum free t4 level 15.5 pmo1/l had b12/ serum folate .ferritin serum gamma etc which all came back normal have no appetite tiredness dizzy spells etc been on 50mcg levo since march lost 34 kilos up to 21/7/17 weighed again 3 weeks later found I had lost another 12kilos really worried if any one has a similar experience please let me know thanks

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Search Bookworm 1961, she posted about weightloss issues yesterday? and had loads of comments, you are not alone. I cant help as have the opposite problem, put on 7 stone in last 3 years.


It is unusual. (You must make an an appointment to discuss weight loss with GP.

Did you gain a lot of weight before you were diagnosed? 50mcg of levo is a starting dose and your TSH is nearly 3, so the aim should be 1 or lower.

Weight gain - not weight loss - is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism.

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Best to have it checked out. There are always some who go against the norm but better to make sure that's the only reason and not something you need to be concerned about.


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