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Morning everyone

I'm doing slimming world and it's actually working! I've tried to lose weight before since being diagnosed and nothing has really worked, but this time it seems to be ok? I lost 4 pounds the first week and 2.5 the second. It's slowed down now but I think that's down to me as I'm not as strict as I was in the first couple of weeks? I've lost 11 pounds now in 9 weeks so I'm really pleased with myself and can really feel the difference with my clothes.

Just thought I'd let you know in case you haven't tried this way of eating?

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  • Hi Revsie, I've also lost weight with slimming world diet nearly 2stone now, it has been a struggle though and taken twice as long as others doing it with me. My last few pounds are taking forever but I will keep on trying 😇

  • Congratulations to you too Liz ......You and Revsie are certainly pointing the way. It is a struggle to lose weight when on Thyroxine so you should be really pleased with what you've achieved.x

  • Hi liz946

    I know what you mean, it definitely takes longer for us than my friends who don't have a thyroid problem and I am also struggling now with the last few pounds but I really think that is because I'm not trying as hard as the motivation has slipped a bit. I have however now got a much easier time of it when trying to find something in my wardrobe that fits as now half of my stuff is actually wearable! :-)

  • Well done Revsie ! Be encouraged to keep it up ......that's great news.....just what we need here if we have a lot of weight to shed.

    I have recently found my Weight Watchers " Gold Card" from 1991 when I reached goal weight.I was under great stress at the time and thought that losing weight might help me to cope and it did but that was long before my Hypothyroid diagnosis.I can acknowledge though that maybe that period of my life may have triggered the problems. I am now 3 stone heavier!

    Yesterday I passed a Weight Watchers board propped up outside a local Church Hall.......you may have helped me to go through that door soon. x

  • oh I do hope so Marfit74? I feel much better in my clothes now and it's much easier to put an outfit together instead of just putting anything big on! But I'm sorry to say that I'm not on levo I'm on t3 now so maybe that's why my diet has worked or maybe I've just done it properly this time instead of messing about and cheating all the time? I really hope ww's works for you again? x

  • I'm really pleased for you.It is such a boost to feel good in your clothes. I haven't managed to visit our local slimming club yet as my dental appointment got changed to this morning.However when I passed the hall they were all just coming out and I was saying to myself " I'll hopefully get through the door soon"

    Keep well. x

  • This time next week you could be registered and ready to start your weight loss journey? What made me successful this time was writing down EVERYTHING that passed my lips, right down to half a spoon of sugar in my coffee. It's amazing how it stops you eating something if you know it's going on your daily chart! I must say though that the only diet that works for me is Slimming World .... it must be something about the food combining that my thyroid body likes as calorie counting only gave me poor/moderate success? Good Luck x

  • Thanks Revsie.All best wishes.

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