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Anyone Hypo and on Omeprazole?

Dear friends, I have been hypo for 3+ years now, 3.5 stone weight increase and generally feeling half the person I was although looking like twice the person I was! Figured this was my lot but then on 12th July I had some upsetting news about another health condition. I have been on a low dose of Omeprazole for about 3 months for indigestion and was feeling fine. However, I was encouraged to have cameras to get checked out thoroughly and it turns out I have severe erosive oesophagus from silent reflux ( I have joined the Oesophagus community). So having been given a much higher dose of Omeprazole and a restricted diet and following it to the letter I have seen a number of changes. In 25 days I have lost 1 stone 2lb would you believe. I have more energy and stamina and am better at my exercise than I was. However I am worried about the affect of the PPI's on my thyroxine and stopping it from being absorbed. This morning although I feel OK I have the "thyroid bags" under my eyes etc and I look pretty rough. Consultant has said I will be on the PPIs for life but I am determined not to be but am dealing with one day at a time at the moment until I find out whether the PPI's have worked and the ulceration has healed. Is anyone on these meds too? Wondered how other people have faired thyroid wise? thanks xx

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Think we are still waiting for your latest thyroid results - with ranges - as per your last post/thread above ....

Yes PPI's will affect the absorption of your T4 - so maybe an increase is needed to compensate. Without your results you will never know :-)'s/group/thyroiduk

319 posts in the above link about PPI's on this Forum ....


Thanks for the reminder Marz, sorry my head has been a bit manic the last few weeks.

These are results from May 9th 2017

Serum free T4 level 16.3 pmol/L [11 - 23]

Serum free triiodothyronine level 5.1 pmol/L [3.1 - 6.8]

Serum TSH level 0.03 miu/L [0.27 - 4.5]

Serum ferritin level 38.2 ng/ml [13 - 150]

The FT3 and FT4 are the best results I have ever had... even better than when I was T4/T3 combo. My TSH is always suppressed by my GP knows that I am not worried about it.

I haven't had my B12 taken for a year or so but last time it was around the 500 mark because I take a B12 spray under my tongue. without this my B12 is always low. I know my Ferritin is low. I found that I can only tolerate the iron water stuff rather than the medication.



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Those good results are before you started the PPI. Maybe things have changed. So what is the new diet that has enabled you to lose a stone ? Sounds great !

How much T4 are you taking ?

VitD is anti-inflammatory - do you supplement ? Eating liver once a week should raise your Ferritin !


Vitamin D, suggest you get the Vitamin D mouth spray, this avoids gut issues and gives good absorption.


Thank you! I think our posts crossed. I do use a Vit D spray aswell as B12. Xx

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HI März

I take 125mg T4 and I have a VIT D under the tongue spray too :)

Here goes with the diet....I am already gluten free

The consultant advised : No Tea, Coffee, Pop, chocolate, Alcohol, Mint, fat / dairy Tomatoes, onion, prepared food or garlic. 5 small meals a day, don't eat after 6.30 and don't eat 3 hours before exercise

On top of that I bought the acid watchers diet book which has a healing diet for the first 4 weeks and it is very restricted but needs must.

So examples of what I have been eating

Breakfast (7am) - slice cooked turkey with organic P.Butter and cucumber or scrambled egg & smoked salmon or oats made with water and some blue berries

10am: melon with cucumber

12:30: avocado / tinned salmon / cucumber

3pm: grated carrrot with a few raisins and chopped nuts.

6pm: veg and piece of fish or chicken

all small portions

and I have just drank water (even during a week abroad celebrating our 25th wedding and our daughters 18th :( )

I also walk and play tennis 3 times a week.

One of the things I was really worried about was I struggle to keep awake at work in the afternoons (I work full time) and used to have to drink coffee so I was scared as to how I would cope without coffee. Its been quite unbelievable really. I guess the small eating and often without anything sugary or processed has stabledised blood sugars because I haven't had any bouts of wanting to fall asleep at my desk.

I have no doubt that I would have found this sort of restriction, sugar withdrawal etc much harder if it wasn't for the knowledge that I have a big issue with my oesophagus to heal. I am scared and I get scared of eating sometimes but have to hope it is working so that I dont have to have surgery.

Losing weight and feeling better energy wise etc has been a big bonus though. never thought I would see a size 14 again.

thanks for your advice. It is appreciated

Sue xx


Sounds great - as does the Doc 😊 Keep up the good work. Hope others see your eating plan ! Maybe when you are feeling stronger you can consider replacing the PPI with something less harmful long term ......


Shall I post my eating plan Marz? I have been desperate to lose weight for the last few years so if it helps anyone I would be happy to share.


I think that sounds a great idea. Might even try it myself - although I am pretty close to it apart from my morning coffee and wine - either at lunch or evening. The joys of being retired and living in Crete ! Go for it 😊😎


Crete? How wonderful. Don't blame you xx


In our 14th year - both hubby and I diagnosed with Hash's here 😊

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Please share your eating plan, I have similar issues and need to be on a PPI due to spasms of the oesophagus.


HI Mariliz

I wrote about my eating plan at the below link

I hope it helps

Sue xx


Please read "Plant Paradox" by Dr. Gundry it is a well written book which has guided me in adjusting my diet with good results. I'm hypothyroid, his advice can benefit everyone though!


I have just started with omerprazole and feel better but no weight loss I don't think they will do any harm.

I need to try t3 but don't know the best place to buy it.If anyone can recommend I would appreciate it


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