Can the omeprazole stop working if I have been on it for about a year. My thyroid doctor put me on it due to acid reflux caused by my thyroxine. I used to have an awful cough, my ent specialist said it was a reflux cough and gave me gaviscon to take with my omeprazole. I never took it due to the fact I'm on omeprazole. Fast forward a year and now the cough is back even though I'm still on omeprazole. Is there anything else I can have instead of it please?? It's getting me down lately. Thanks

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  • I am sorry you are having problems. I note you are now hypothyroid and because everything in our body has 'slowed' we are apt to get 'acid reflux' but it is 'low' acid and not 'high acid reflux' although symptoms are very similar.

    I was given gaviscon by GP and only took it twice as it gave me so much pain. I then researched and found that Betaine with Pepsin could help and haven't looked back since. I do know that we can also rectify low acid but it takes time. The symptoms of 'low and high' are very similar:-

    This is a link which may interest you.

  • I have also noticed that the cough has got worse since I had to drop to 1 shake on my diet and have 2 meals instead could this cause it??? I'm on a gluten/dairy free diet

  • Do you take any medication for hypertension? There are some antihypertensives which cause a dry cough which used to drive me mad, coughing all night. My new GP changed the medication and hey presto, cough is gone! Clemmie

  • Also I have been taking Omeprazole since 2000 and it has never caused me to cough. Clemmie

  • Nope not on anything for hypertension. ENT said cough is due to reflux so may just go and see GP about it see if I can have anything else instead of omeprazole.

  • Hi, I took omeprazole for a while until the side effects became much worse than the reflux, I'm now on ranatidine (think that's how you spell it) or zantac and that's been much better for me. I've also changed to lactose free milk and brown bread and that's helped me a lot. Sometimes a cough can be caused by a nasal drip, which, apparently can be kicked off by acid reflux!

  • Bishog, Ranitidine is also prescribed for high acid. Hypothyroid patients are more likely to have low acid. Try Betaine Pepsin before meals especially if there is a lot of protein in it.

  • TreorchyGal, make sure you are getting enough salt. Low salt means low stomach acid.

  • I have sea salt as that's the only salt I'm allowed on my diet. My cough seems better today so unless it's hayfever Im really not sure

  • Go to your GP and ask for an endoscopy to be done, you may have a hiatus hernia that's causing the acid reflux.

    Have you tried to go on an acid free diet, there are loads of books on the subject.

    I would really recommend you take a look at these, and also, acid free cook books as well.

    Take care.

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