Very angry😡😡😡

Very angry😡😡😡

Hi there hope u all as well as can be.

I just received a letter from my gp practice as below they want to increase my does from 200mg three times a day to 300mg twice a day can they do this surely that's iligal.

What am I going to do how will I cope with pain 24/7 I'm am so worried I've being sick over it

They can't be messing with people's medication and lives it's so wrong I'm stressed to boiling point.please can any body help me advice please.



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  • Buma,

    You are currently taking 600mg in 3 x 200mg doses. You will still be taking 600mg but in 2 x 300mg doses. Why are you upset?

  • But it will be over a longer period now,I will have to wait were b4 I ad them morning,lunch,teatime..wat will it b then morning...teatime all what....worry is over a longer period.

  • Taking more in one dose will last longer in its effect so it wont matter... You could buy a pill cutter and split your tablets and spread out over 3doses?

  • So far as I am aware, most (if not all) pregabalin comes in hard capsules, and the Patient Information Leaflet states:

    Swallow the capsule whole with water.

    Splitting would therefore be inappropriate and a bad idea, and may even be impossible.

  • Fair does ..didn't know that the meds were capsules !

  • What are these tablets for ? Pain can be linked to LOW FT3 and Low B12 and Low VitD :-) I believe you have all 3 !

  • Buma - instead of wasting your energy and emotion on getting upset, why not give it a try? As Clutter has pointed out, you are getting the same amount but in two doses instead of three and it could be, as Lozzer66 says, that taking more in one dose will have a longer lasting effect.

    So why not try it this way for a week or two to see if it makes a difference. If you feel worse then speak to your GP, explain how it affects you, and ask to be put back on your original prescription.

  • Seasidesusie thanks for ur sound advice I didn't think of it like that.Me brain don't work the best of times.i will give it a try.

    Many thanks to all for sound advise😀

  • Aww, bless you, don't worry. You had a knee jerk reaction, we all do it. I'm so old ( :D ) that life has taught me that sometimes we need to take a step back, give some thought to the 'problem', look at it from a different perspective and maybe work it to our advantage :)

    If you give it a try and it doesn't suit, at least you will be able to tell your GP you did exacly as he asked (nice compliant patient :) ) and it didn't work out well for you.

  • Cheers SeasideSusie I can always rely on you for sound advice😀

    How are you feeling?

  • Thyroid wise, still looking for the perfect combination of Levo/T3. Not sure I'll ever get it sorted as the tiredness I get can be due to my lung disease too and I'm about 4 months into a lung infection I can't shake off. Can't do a sputum sample so can't have antibiotics as GP wont give them until infection is identified. So I plod on. Lucky I'm retired and can do what I want when I want, many lazy days here :)

  • U better start coughing then to give a sample so u can get treated,Stop being so awkward susie and pull ur finger out.All the best please let me know when u do a sputum test for now take care😀😀

  • Can't, got no gunk :(

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