So angry!

I went to see my GP last week with the results from Blue Horizon test (see my last post) she wanted me to repeat my bloods again to confirm as my B12, ferritin and folate are all low and my TSH was higher than it should be ! Anyway I rushed to get bloods done and had an appointment today to review but I had a text message this morning to say they had to cancel due to staff sickness! Now they say they can't give me an appointment for 2 and a half weeks!! I am so angry as I feel so ill and tired. I have had some really good advice on what I need to take from you guys and from the PA society on here. I can't believe I have to wait so long, I could cry!! I don't know what to do now.

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  • Hi Victoria1990,

    Yes, I'm sure you are disappointed.

    . Could you phone the receptionist and ask to book a Telephone App with your GP to discuss results and any change in medication.

    I have to do it often.

    J 🍀

  • Hi Jose651, yes I think I will do that now, I also asked them for a print out of my results but said they couldn't do that without GP consent.

  • That's grand then, 😊. Ask them to get the GP's consent. Duh.

    Some people like to make it so difficult for patients who don't need the negative attitude.

    You are important Victoria, go kick ass. 👍

  • They do actually have to have the GPs consent as the GP is responsible if there is a screw up under the Data Protection Act.

    I was told a story by someone a few years ago who was involved in a complex legal case involving his health. Anyway his GP's receptionist was tricked into giving his medical records to a person acting on behalf of the lawyer for the other side. Luckily for him there was nothing on his medical records the other side didn't already know.

  • Absolutely. It would be remiss and wholly irresponsible for a receptionist to print of results without the GP's consent.

    A simple, " I'll get that organized for you, and if you would like to call back on......such & such a day for them" would have sent the patient home on a much more positive note.

    J 😊

  • I totally understand! I would hate to think they could hand them over to anyone :-)

  • That's interesting to know the receptionist have to have permission from GP to give out results as I have never been asked who I am or have ever seen them ask permission. As Victoria1990 says I could be anyone especially as half the time I am quite vague (brain fog ?) as to what my name is !

  • I think the GP needs to check first in case there is an urgent need to inform or treat the patient re results.

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