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What's happening with my Hashimotos? Remission?

I've had Hashimotos for 20 years, starting with a goitre and high ANA. Prior to diagnosis I was (unknowingly) hyperthyroid (? Graves). Over the years I have had phases of requiring less and less thyroxine. My GP has always been understanding, has always tested me when I have felt things were not right, and he trusts me to adjust my thyroxine accordingly.

For me it was always my T4 that became high, causing tremors, hunger, insomnia, palpitations. And my GP knows that anything over 15 will do this. My TSH is often in the 3 or 4 region, so just middling. I did see Dr Peatfield who had two suggestions, try Armour and he also said that I probably had adrenal problems. I tried Armour and it really did not agree with me. My GP tried T3, that didn't help either. So we just managed my ups and downs by adjusting my Thyroxine.

Just over 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to take early retirement from a stressful administration job in a Hospice. Since then I have required less and less Thyroxine, to the point Im on a tiny 12mcg dose (even that makes me feel shaky). Could it have been that doing an extremely stressful job for over 25 years shot my adrenal glands and subsequently my thyroid function? Now I am retired, out dog walking every day, eating and sleeping better and enjoying my garden and doing what I want, are my adrenal glands working better?

Could this be possible? That my thyroid is working better as a consequence?

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Welcome to the forum, Janhoppo.

TSH 3 - 4 doesn't indicate that your thyroid was working well. Most members feel very unwell with TSH so high and thyroid functiontion usually gets worse not better. The only way to tell for sure whether your thyroid function has improved is to have a thyroid function test and see what your levels are on 12mcg which is a very small dose.


Hello I read your post after searching for those who have managed to take IHR

I am going down that road due to severe symptoms Any advice on your experience of getting IHR for Hashimotos much appreciated

Julie x


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