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RCGP Clear information on Access to your online medical record



Link gives access to full document

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I asked my GP receptionist a couple of weeks ago for the form to gain access, mainly for blood test results. She looked at me as though I had asked her to hand over £1 million! She said 'we do not do that here' I said according to NHS website all GPs do/have to. She told me to hang on whilst she went to check with someone. 20 mins later. 'We do do it but rarely, we have only let 3 people out of about 7000 have access, it is up to the GP who gets access. You will not see much, the only things you can see have to be coded and the doctor chooses which things get coded.' I said I mainly wanted to have access to blood test results. She said I would only be able to see the ones that were coded. She said I would get the same information if I rang for the results. I pointed out that I had been told, on occasion, when ringing for a result 'oh, we cannot give that over the phone as we are not medically trained.' She said she could not believe anyone would ever have said that. I said when you have given results in phone, you will not give the ranges. She said 'oh, you won't get the ranges online either.' She then said, If you really want apply for access, here is the form. It is pretty long. You need to fill it out and bring it back with photo ID. It will then go to the doctor and the doctor will then decide whether you can have an account. So, there is no guarantee you will be given access.'

35 mins later I leave the desk, queue of people all shaking their heads at me, receptionist apologising with a wry laugh.

I have a blood test today, so will be handing in my completed form :-)

DJR1 in reply to ajs100uk

Please persevere they are all misinformed and I am fighting this to the best of my ability. If you could print off the above RCGP info it may help as I doubt they have seen it. Do they have an IT manager? Exactly the same thing happened to me!

ajs100uk in reply to DJR1

No idea if they have an IT manager. I have handed the form in. I will let you know what happens, although I would not put it past my GP to 'redact' as much info as he sees fit. Even that document seems to allow GPs to do that.

Muffy in reply to ajs100uk

Oh dear, that's awful. A few months ago, I went to my GP surgery and asked if I could have online access for repeat prescriptions. She duly gave me the form and asked if I would like online access to my notes. As easy as that and I didn't even have to ask for the access, but my surgery has always been up with the times!

DJR1 in reply to Muffy

Well that is fantastic to hear and as it should be as it is part of the GP contract. I hope you find it useful.

Interesting - when I asked my surgery about this last year - they exclaimed that patients couldn't possibly have access as it would be too dangerous for them.......

DJR1 in reply to Bluedragon

I am lost for words the trouble is there is no one policing this. I fought my surgery and I have my results with ranges I will post a new thread with an example. Please persevere with copies of the links I have posted.

So.. basically if you do manage to get access you'll see a heavily redacted record with no results ranges. Terrific. :/

DJR1 in reply to Jadzhia

No this is not right you will see test results with ranges etc. If you only get detailed coded you will get brief phrases which relate to codes I am posting another thread with my results page so people can see what they get with the Emis system

Jadzhia in reply to DJR1

Thanks for that, I'll go have a look. :)

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