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Using Apps to access your online GP record


Generally you can choose which App you would like to use to access your online GP record. My GP uses EMIS software and there are a variety of options I can use. You do need to know which software platform your GP uses. If you read my earlier post about prospective record you will see that GP Practices that use VISION cannot give access to Detailed Coded Record Access in line with the new GP contract.

In reality you should be able to choose the App which suits you best. I have a brilliant comparison of the most popular Apps which are Patient Access and Evergreen Life. This is from a Northern GP in England and published on his website so his patients can choose which suits them best. If you are not happy with your App do check to see if you can change. I use both of the Apps below as they offer different features. You can download an App and use your practice registration details to set up an account. If you are not sure the App tech teams are always happy to advise. Patient feedback is like gold dust to them and they are always happy to help.

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Apologies the image is poor I will see if I can do something with this

DJR1 in reply to DJR1

Okay I can’t improve the image but here is the link to this fantastic Practice website where you can see the table but also learn much more about online access to records. Enjoy

Not in Scotland though

DJR1 in reply to Hibs1

No my information relates to NHS England areas. I have no idea why we call it a NATIONAL Health Service at all as it depends very much where you live

Generally you can choose which App you would like to use to access your online GP record.

If someone chooses one option can they also use another option at the same time?

I made a choice a couple of years ago to use Patient Access (it was essentially a random choice because I had nothing to guide me at the time and I went with the one a receptionist said most people were using and getting on okay with), but I was given info by my surgery on accessing other providers too.

DJR1 in reply to humanbean

Yes you can use any number of Apps at the same time. I have downloaded Patient Access, Evergreen Life and the NHS App. I use all of them depending on which feature I want to use.

For example

Evergreen Life has a very simple proxy access. You can set up sharing accounts very easily. Whereas PA proxy access requires permission from GP

I use PA to look at TFT results as it graphs results over time which Evergreen does not to

I use the NHS App to set my organ donation and NHS data sharing preferences.

All you need to start using the App is the Practice Details they have you to set up your first App

humanbean in reply to DJR1

Thank you for all that info. :)

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