I'm being paranoid but need to ask!

So I'm just about to order my Adrenavive and Metavive as recommended by Dr P and I'm a bit worried about transmission of diseases from the glandulars. The Metavive he has recommended is Porcine and it says it is from UK pigs but the Adrenavive is Bovine and states is comes from cows from NZ or Argentina. I know they are both BSE free countries but I keep thinking and I know this is stupid can you contract rabies from consuming infected glanduars? it's just years ago I was reading an article about how Argentina was having a problem with cattle being attacked by vampire bats and developing rabies and this is now stuck in my mind. I know it's probably stupid so please humour me!!! Their site seems quite good and they say all their products are sourced from meat suitable for the human food chain but I just keep fretting about it!

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I'm sure animals used for these products must be tested to be sure they are fit before they are slaughtered.

I don't think Dr P would recommend them if there was any doubt, but you could contact him and ask to set your mind at rest.

When I first started taking thyroxine over 60 odd years ago this was the only one on the market, had no effect on me.

I emailed the company and this is what they said and they replied really quickly, so quite impressed!

All of our glandular meats, whether sourced from the UK, New Zealand or Argentina are taken from the human food chain sources. Just as in the UK, all animals are inspected by veterinary surgeons for signs of any infectious disease, before, during and after slaughter. No diseased animals are allowed to be used for meat for human consumption and the health of the animal and the meat is certificated by official government authorities in each these countries respectively. You can therefore be assured that the meat we use is safe for human consumption.

I've taken either Nutri-meds adrenal and Adrenavive III for longer than Adrenavive has been manufactured, and don't seem to have BSE or anything else.

Thank you, I do feel that I'm being silly it's just it's the first time I've taken anything like this and as my husband says I'm just overthinking it. The more I read the more it seems that people are using glandulars in numerous ways and benefiting from it, so it's got to be worth a try.

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