Thyroid, fibro and celiac?

Hi, I am reading a lot about links between thyroid problems, fibro symptoms gluten intolerance and celiac. I am looking into getting thyroid testing but I have a question about celiac. I had a biopsy over 20 years ago and was told I didn't have celiac does that mean I didn't have it at that time but I could have it now or does it rule it out completely?


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  • Ok. Hypo - check. Fibro - check. Celiac - no, but yes to food sensitivities out the yin yang. Even if you don't have celiac if you have thyroid issues you likely have food intolerances. Many here adopt a gluten free diet in order to fight antibodies better. So if you are getting your levels tested for thyroid kill 2 birds and test for celiac as well as folate, ferritin, B12, and Vit D. And TPO and TG Antibodies (to test for Hashi's). I personally believe there is a fuzzy line separating fibro from thyroid disease, and dislike the narrow label(s) - perhaps we need a new zingy name like Fibro-Hypo or something along those lines? 🤔 Hmmm. Regardless get tested and get those results, then create a new post here with levels for more discussion and input.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I should explain that as far as I know at the moment my thyroid is OK but I have only had the usual NHS test not the in depth testing. I'm not sure which other bloods I have had done apart from having low bit d but I will find out and ask for the ones you have mentioned

    Would a GP normally carry out all of these if I ask??

  • You could ask but don't hold your breath. If not look into private testing with Thyroid UK. And make sure you get results with ranges to post on here. Don't accept OK!

  • Thanks for that x


    Details of Private Testing on the above link 😊

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  • I think the biopsy test for coeliac is accurate. It's the blood tests which are often wrong. However if you feel better when you don't eat gluten then it might be worth not eating it.

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  • I had full testing for coeliac disease a few years ago (2010) - blood tests, endoscopy, and biopsies. I was told I only had mild gastritis, and no coeliac disease.

    On that basis I kept on eating gluten for the next five years. Then, because of continuing poor health, I reluctantly and grudgingly decided to experiment with going gluten-free for a couple of months.

    I got very noticeable and worthwhile improvements in my health within less than a week, so I've stayed gluten-free ever since.

    Please note, I don't have autoimmune hypothyroidism either - although I haven't had antibodies tested very often, and not for ages, so they may just have been low at the time of testing.

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  • Hi. Coeliac can develop at any stage in life so it could mean things have changed and you have it now. Gold standard for diagnosis is blood test which if positive must be confirmed with an endoscopy and biopsy of the gut.

    I have it. Endoscopy wasn't pleasant but at least I know now.

    I also have Hashimoto's and a super underactive Thyroid.


  • Thanks for that, if I had to have the endoscopy 20 years ago (I can remember it was pretty horrible) do you think that means that the blood test was positive and that's why they did it? I'm not sure

    if procedures have changed in the mean time.

  • If the blood test is positive then the next stage is Endoscopy. But it's been known that even negative blood tests are sometimes also referred for Endoscopy too. This is because the blood test can be unreliable but also if a patient reports persistent issues despite a negative test.

    The Endoscopy is the only thing that confirms a categoric diagnosis x

  • Oh I see, thanks for the reply x

  • I think it's a more definitive test. Others can have false negatives. Glad to see you are following the dots.

    After many years I've come to this conclusion: we are talking autoimmune conditions. This spreads from the gut although a virus like Epstein-Barre can start it. I think you should look at SIBO and see what pops up. If and when you stop the immune reactions, you may stop the symptoms of coeliac and others because the cause is the same. It has to do with an attack on the stomach lining, then the leaky gut permeates to other organs. The thyroid is the main sensory gland and glands are very sensitive tissue so it may be giving off signs without actually being hashimoto's.

    The best method for healing is to build your immune system and that will do much better in resolving the issues than going after symptoms alone.

  • I'm not sure if you meant this or not but just to clarify there is no cure for Coeliac. Once you have it it's there for life. The only end to symptoms of coeliac is a strict gluten free diet.

    I do agree however that gut healing is imperative when it comes to auto immune in general.

    Until a vaccine is invented that allows the consumption of gluten and no immune attack to follow it which is being researched now), Coeliac is for life not just for Christmas 😂

  • Thank you, Pam. I think a small percentage may be incurable but now it's more about the the wheat than the disease. This man keeps up with research. I've posted his thyroid videos hundreds of time. This one on Coeliac is just as good if you care to look but I'm sure you have already done a lot of research.

  • I think maybe we're crossing wires with terminology but to be clear, Coeliac is 100% not curable. It can only be managed.

    I think you're referring to the fact the gut heals after a while on the gluten free diet?

    But there are cases when it doesn't fully heal at all.

    The Coeliac Disease is always still there though even if the gut has healed.

    Both coeliac disease and the gluten free diet is for life with no known cure.

    Deffo done my research on it. I am a Coeliac. lol xxx

  • And it's about more than just wheat! It's all forms of Wheat, Barley and Rye with the exception of when it's been distilled in alcohol or in vinegars or has been processed to death to remove the gluten.

    The only other exception is Barley Malt Extract which is safe if quantity is less than 20 parts per million (this is usually labelled as Gluten Free but still shows it in bold in the ingredients list).

    I wish I could blame the gluten but unfortunately it's my own immune system that's at fault.

  • You are fortunate if you are in Europe since they are not using that poisonous pesticide. They also don't fluoridate water. I'm in the U.S. and can't escape it but I'm trying hard.

    Really, beer or a whiskey won't create a gluten problem? That's good to know:)

    Bergman has a very optimistic attitude about the body and its willingness to heal and its ability to heal. He taught anatomy for years and claims that the pancreatic cells presumed dead in diabetics are merely lying dormant. I kind of feel that the body contains miracles, too. Maybe there will be one for you.

  • My coeliac gut atrophy is on the way to healing. But I know I can never ever eat gluten again because when I do it resets the healing process and it also makes me violently ill. Definitely no cure for Coeliac .... although as I mentioned earlier, research is being done on a vaccine that may allow Coeliacs to eat gluten again and suffer no consequence but it's in early stages and probably not going to be something that's around in my lifetime lol

    All alcohol spirits are gluten free because of the distilling process. Whiskey included. However other alcohol such as beer and lager is not safe because it is brewed, not distilled.

    Fluoride does not affect Coeliac's but from a thyroid perspective I understand why you mention it. I am in Scotland. There is no water source here that is fluoridated thankfully.

  • Maybe in the next life then:) Wish you the best.

  • Same to you hun 😁

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