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Test Results

Just collected my yearly results from the GP, my TSH is 3.3 (0.2 - 4.0), serum free T4 14.3 (10.0 - 20.0). I had Graves' disease in 2006 which was treated with radio active iodine. I have not been prescribed thyroxine, as I have been told my levels are normal. This past year my blood pressure has increased and so has my cholesterol, I have put on over 2 stone and feel so tired. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Your thyroid is struggling and you are becoming hypothyroid a long time after RAI but NHS isn't likely to make a hypothyroid diagnosis until TSH is >4.0 or FT4 <10. Fatigue, weight gain and higher cholesterol will be due to FT4 dropping and TSH rising.

You might try supplementing 200mcg selenium which is good thyroid support but I doubt it will help much.

As you are being told your thyroid levels are normal ask your GP to check ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate because low/deficient levels can cause fatigue and musculoskeletal pain similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


Thank you, I will ask if I can have them checked.


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