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Blood results today

I am off to see my GP and going to get latest blood results, I will mention the key points I have picked up on here and for a print out. I am also mentioning about family and Hashimotos as a member suggested I should have antibodies checked. I will let you know the results later. Of course I may eat my words as by questioning and challenging my doc for this query maybe as lacking as many others have been to many others on here.

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Hope it went well :-)

Yes all good thanks😊

Did you check for the anti-bodies on your print out ?

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Everything was good with thyroid. My doctor has actually had some years experience in a specialist thyroid unit in an area where there was a high incidence of thyroid issues. Everything he explained made sense too and things that have been said on here he mentioned them, so I was happy with it all.

Perfect - so do you have thyroid anti-bodies ? I too have years of experience with thyroid issues. I am saddened by your responses and reluctance to share your results. With over 60.000 people on this forum and having been a member for almost 6 years I have to say - I give up. It is a question that is asked of everyone - what are your results with ranges - and for some reason you think it is fine not to join the club. So I have to ask why do you post if we are all negated and our replies are of no consequence ....

Perhaps you are more poorly than we all realise - in which case I wish you well.


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