T3 in Italy - update

I thought it might be helpful to update members on situation in Italy regarding T3 - a number of posts over the last few years - weeks even - have referred to it or asked about it.

Two pharmacists confirmed to me that Liotir IS a prescription medicine. It is not over the counter and, as others have suggested, it is the ONLY T3 available in Italy. The first pharmacist I spoke to didn't have it in stock. She sold me 5 packets of T4 ( 25mcg) at 2.80 euro each however. :-) I didn't want it particularly but wanted to find out how much it was, etc. This is also prescription only. I didn't have a prescription.

The second pharmacist initially wasn't going to sell me Liotir without a prescription ( ''hormones you know! Dangerous! ) When I showed her my Greek T3 they relaxed immediately and I was sold a bottle of Liotir. 13 euro something. Very small bottle. Available only in this size and apparently a 'month's supply' of vials - but very small doses. Probably useful for someone adding it to T4 but impractical for someone on T3 only for its size.

Isn't it odd how much variation there is from country to country? Thankfully... I get the impression that Italian pharmacists are pretty relaxed particularly if you can show you take T3 already. So useful to have some with you if you're in Italy and want to try this.

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  • So there's conflicting information. Once again :-( Early this year it was told that one bottle is prescription-free: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

  • Well...I asked, in Italian, "do I need a presciption?". On both occasions the name was entered into the database which gave the pharmacists the info they needed. Yes, was the answer. However, the fact that I had T3 in my bag and so seemingly was prescribed ( if they knew the half of it!) was sufficent for both to waive the prescription 'obligation' . Make of that what you will....

  • Thank you catrich, very useful. We move to Italy in a month or so, and if the T4 doesnt work for me, at least I know I may be able to get T3. Now I just need to get some T3 to show them!!

    Anyone have an empty box I can take with me !

  • Silver_Fairy might be worth seeing a 'good' Endo for a private prescription before you go?

  • I have an appointment on the 20th October, but not sure I'll make it, but if I do I will ask for a private script. Thank you, I didnt think of that!

  • Hello everyone, I posted a few weeks ago about this. Yes T3 is prescription only in Italy, and yes Liotir is the only T3 available. However, it seems that Italian pharmacists are quite helpful and sometimes willing to ignore the prescription rule if they see that someone is in need and has been on the medication –this happened to me on several occasions now – but this can work for a month or 2's supply, not to stock up long term. The bottle is about a month's supply for me at 20mcg/day, so not so little actually.

  • The bottle is pretty small HyHashi for those taking T3 only. If you take 20mcg it will last you 20 days (1ml = 20mcg).

    If you take around 50 mcg it's little more than a week. Perfectly do-able if you have a nearby pharmacist and a prescription so the advice to Silver_Fairy to get one in/prior to going to Italy is good advice! And there is a larger size available with individual flacons for a month...but probably still 20mcg al giorno. So not enough for a month for anyone taking more than 20mcg! ( And as others have said already the costs start to mount up...)

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