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Basal Temp Tests and alcohol

Doc Peatfield says that if you have a drink the night before, don't bother doing your basal temp reading the next morning. Why is this? Would you readings be higher or lower? I have 2-3 glasses of wine every night - my average basal temp is 36.4 degrees. What do we think? Thanks Sheenah

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I think it lowers your temp as it dilates your blood vessels


Although I think it's more if you've really gone out and got blathered!


Miss your dose tonight and see if your Basal is different in the morning? Will be quite interesting.


I often have wine in the evening and I have compared temps with & without and they are pretty consistent. Haven't got blathered for years so not tried that!! :-)


My temperature never higher last few months than 34.2 ...don't drink so sorry not sure if it interferes with based temperature


Crikey that's low Lola!


Not entirely relevant - but 2-3 glasses of wine every night is rather more than any woman really ought to drink. One average glass of wine is 2-3 units,The recommended limit is 14-21 units a week.

Women metabolise alcohol less efficiently than men. Hypothyroidism means the liver does not function as well as it should and therefore a hypothyroid woman would be even more susceptible to liver damage from alcohol.

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