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P.S. to previous post re blood test results today - 30 mins ago:

Would you be concerned about my T3 reading ?

My NHS result from bloods taken on 20/7 were T3 5.5 and T4 22 00

Private bloods taken on 24th T3 4.94 and T4 22.50

Only 4 days apart, same fasting condition, it's quite a dramatic drop isn't it ?

From 66% to just 50 ? Ratio up from 4 to 4.5 ? Am I going doolally ?

Thank you, again,

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Were the ranges the same?

How long did you leave off T3 before each test?

Which result is "From 66% to just 50"

Looking at the numbers, if the ranges were the same the difference is very little and allows for natural fluctuations.


Sorry I've confused you all - I am not on T3 - I had one test at my NHS doctors - see my previous post Am So Angry Update - and one with medichecks 4 days later -

NHS T3 5.5 ( 3.1 - 6.8 ) T4 22.00 ( 12 - 22.00 ) 20 July

Medichecks T3 4.94 3.1 - 6.8 ) T4 22.5 ( 12 - 22.00 ) 24 July

Am on 125 mg levothyroxine daily -

The differential is 1st test my T3 is 66% through range

2nd test my T3 is only 50% through - just thought this quite a drop in 4 days -



Supply the ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to be able to comment.


Sorry Radd, this is a PS to my previous post some 30 minutes ago -

please see previous full post - thank you



I wouldn't be at all concerned about your FT3 unless you are symptomatic.

Are your NHS ranges the same as the private ranges you posted and did you have the blood tests at the same time of day?


Yes, same ranges and time of day - am not on any T3 supplementation -

OK then, thank you, didn't realise that T3 could be so volatile -


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