Hypothyroid and gum disease

Hello people, this is my first post here. I stumbled across this site whilst trying to research if there were links between severe gum disease (periodontal) and having hypothyroidism. Wondered if there was any research going on anywhere. I was diagnosed a few years ago after being ill for a long time, but now happy and well again taking levothyroxine. However, I have severe gum disease and have lost one tooth and am about to lose another. I read a couple of US articles that suggests there may be a link, but wondered if anyone knew of anything UK based as I'd happily help with research :) Thanks

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Often connected to LOW Vitamin D - which is also connected to being Hypo too. You need good levels.

Welcome to the site and hope you soon overcome this problem.




Thank you, i will pursue that


I have suffered with gum problems and abcesses all of my life. I am hypo with hashimotos. Massive improvement since I bought a water pik. boots.com/en/Waterpik-Ultra...


Thanks, been wondering if they were any good compared to the dentist's. Think I may get one.


I have never been to a dentist. When I should be due a period, that's the only time my gums bleed, weird!! (haven't had an actual period for about 10 years!!)


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