Thyroid Ultrasound Test Results

Managed to get my hands on (finally) a copy of my private thyroid ultrasound results. Even going private the knobs sent the results to the wrong person.

Can anyone decipher into good ole plain English please lol

"The thyroid is very markedly atrophic. It is diffusely hypochoic with a slightly heterogenous texture. Both lobes measure just 1.5cm in height. There is no significant internal vascularity. The overall appearances are consistent with chronic end-stage autoiummune thyroiditis. No focal thyroid nodules are demonstrated"

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  • Jefner,

    Your thyroid is small because Hashimoto's has damaged and shrunk it and there do not appear to be any nodules.

  • Clutter

    So basically it's knackered then, thankfully no nodules. Is there any research anywhere that gives a timeline on how long it takes for a thyroid to be destroyed to the point of mine?

  • Jefner,

    It usually takes years, even decades. I imagine the rate of destruction differs person to person.

  • Your thyroid is all shrivelled up and pretty much dead. Probably as the result of Hashis.

  • Hahahaha "the knobs even got that wrong" !! I only joined yesterday so I can't understand anything technical at this stage. I was referred to an Endo today. They want to look into any issues with Pituatory gland before considering thyroid medication. Take care


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