Ultrasound results and feel confused

Hi everyone, had my ultrasound over a week ago, rang to get results and asked for printout.

it says;

us thyroid: the right lobe of the thyroid appears marginally larger than the left lobe which contains a 3 mm cyst,otherwise both lobes have a normal echo texture. Both lobes display some vasculalarity, although this appears reduced.

no further lessons noted.

normal lymph node bilaterally.

no significant abnormality.

apparently no action is needed, I am appalled! The radiographerrod me i had a small cyst and asked If I had had radioactive uptake test, I assumed aspiration would be needed? Or do abnormalities have to be massive to pose a risk?! I work in surgery and have seen both large and small cysts in many areas of the body which have and have not been malignant. The only way to be sure is to biopsy!

I am due to see gp on Tuesday, not seen her yet.Just got a prescription for one massive dose of Vit d.

i know the chances I have something bad is very small but if its only 1% risk,I need to know, am I being stupid?

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Did they say they would monitor you? For example, do another ultrasound in 6 or 12 months? I had multi nodular goitre monitored for 9 years but only had biopsies when nodules were growing. I'm no expert, but maybe a 3 mm cyst is too small to biopsy? I don't know, but you are right in asking for more information! Definitely I would be asking for follow up if I was in your shoes.

Hi cyst is a very vague term! it is probably OK, but you need a biopsy t be sure what it is, for safety. Push for it!Also depends if done by a radiologist ( consultant ) or a tec, or radiographer. If a radiologist ( consultant) that would probably mean OK, . however, I would still insist on a biopsy, need under ultra sound, So important, Vit D make sure you have a Corrected calcium test first, D puts up calcium ( a little) and not safe if corrected calcium goes over range. In my experience not a lot of GP`s know this.

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Thank you Jackie,

Yes calcium checked and fine, the Vit d dose is 300,000 in one oral dose.

Think I read soewhere online that if cyst under 5mm they class them as normal....this is where I get confused? I am going to ask for aspiration but imagine it will be a big fat no...bet if she had a cyst -regardless of size - she would have it aspirated and tested though!


Hi Yes, of course if aspirated that can confirm what ever it is.Or even frequent ultra sounds, or better CT`s ( possibly MRI`s but I cannot have them so not well informed about them) I expect it is fine but I have severe cysts to do with lots of disease, not thyroid. The normal treatment is always biopsies which unfortunate I cannot have, nothing else really tells what it is. I would add I see the best Radiologist in the country, so we are well versed in my cysts!

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Never straightforward.

If a biopsy/aspirated was agreed with doctor would it b done through an endo or could she just send me to the hospital for it?

I'm seeing a private endo soon, obviously i will be charged if done privately, but if needs must!

Is 3mm too small to aspirate?

Bloody fed up of all this stress x

Hi For that a radiologist does it, as under an ultra sound, fine needle If GP will not arrange this, Ask the private Endo to ask the GP for do this and other tests.Also they write and request drugs, unless GP will not supply as " not on the list" ie Armour. This is so even with insurance, if self funding,, or not. If with insurance the Endo can and wil arrange all tests but still drugs via GP Anyway drugs have to be through a GP for safety. I am under about 16 consultants, no ,longer covered by insurance Too ill!!! This is normal. No good with private docs who are not consultants!If you tell the consultants you are self funding, no reason to pay for anything other than consultations, unless you wish to.


Your a mindful of information! Thank you.

I am self funding, requested a referral to a consultant endo. Which she has agreed todo.

I have not seen the GP regarding my ultrasound results yet, (going on Tuesday), I was given the result from the receptionist and I asked for a printout.

I am 2 weeks into my trial of thyroxine (50mcg) and feel marginally better, not AS tired but nowhere near feeling good.

Just to sure how to approach the GP if she won't do the fine needle biopsy, shouldi push it or wait until I see the endo?

Sorry to ask you loads of questions Jackie x

Brain dead. I didn't rea your reply properly sorry, you already answered my question, apologies :-)

No problem, any time.It takes a long while with frequent tests and rises in meds to get the thyroid"right", bloods and how you feel, important.

I would try the GP, if difficult , hope the Endo is diplomatic and let them ask Mine is wonderful with GP, some not so good!

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