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GP preventing hospital 3 month trial for me

After taking private endo letter and prescription for T3 persuaded go to refer to endocrine clinic at local hospital having been turned down for funding from Cambs and prterborough CCG. NHS consultation has sent GP a letter saying they will see me and give me a 3 month trial if GP agrees to then take over T3 funding. GP has said no as CCG refused funding so now they won't give me an appointment! Surely if the trial works they should ask for funding again? Feel so helpless. Will write to NHS England and CCG and try and meet MP.

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Look up your local CCG guidelines on liothyronine

My local CCG guidelines state that if NHS endocrinologist recommends you have T3 then the CCG should fund

Print out and discuss/stand your ground with GP

Also British Thyroid Association guidelines for endo are worth looking at and printing out

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Thanks again I already have the guidelines to my GP. I have just spoken to senior partner and said I am entitled to see an NHS endo for advice and treatment options. If they do a trial and it works then surely that would strengthen CCG application which was turned down a few weeks ago. I said they don't like private endo referrals anyway. Consultant should then be able to support application. He said fair enough and is asking for appointment to be reinstated.


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