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Endo wants me to trial T3

i had my first visit today with an Endo and I had a positive outcome...Wow all might say lol.

He wants me to trial T3 for 6 weeks and start taking Vit D.

Do you take this with your normal dosage of Levo, I'm currently on 100mcg and have Hashi's. i'm sure my Gp will advice but it's good to get your opinions, as they are always valued.

I tested positive Ana, withynucleolar pattern, so he has also requested full auto immune Ab tests.

Hopefully this will give others hope, that there are some good Endo's out there, willing to trial things, in the hope, to make us feel better.


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Wow good news :) How much T3 has he prescribed you? Xx


Not sure yet, he said he'll write to my Dr and copy me in, when I recieve his letter to phone Dr and ask for the precription. I'll let you know Clare, once I know.

Also Totoro mentioned, perhaps I should pass his name on to Admin to see if he's on your list,well.., he specialises in Diabetes and he works out of Weston General in Weston Super Mare. I saw him At the Nuffield Taunton Somerset, as I've got insurance through my work.


Edited by Admin - removed doctor's name.


That's great.

If you feel you'd recommend him to others then you might wish to pass the endo's name and the area/town/city he's in to Admin here for their list (if he isn't on it already).

Totoro x


I take Levo at night and T3 in the morning, then ensure that I don't eat or drink for half an hour or so - works very well for me. Hope that helps - and good luck! Liz x


Has he prescribed T3 because he suspects you are unable to convert FT4 to FT3 - do you blood tests reflect this?

Interested in his reasons!


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