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Was but not now diagnosed

As a teen and young adult I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Now I am 72 and have begun a month ago taking natural bovine freeze-dried desiccated thyroid. To make it, they simply cut out the thyroid from the cow or pig at the slaughter house and turn it into just "food" that happens to contain some thyroxine. My recent medical TSH test did not indicate that I need synthetic T3/T4 pharmaceutical thyroid medicine (the only prescription allowed in the US), so I am "self-medicating" aka eating cow thyroid. I bought my first bottle of 90 count 130mg from <on-line supplier> (also available on Amazon and elsewhere). I am doing this because last year I was emergency hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). Doctor's prognosis is to die shortly. Yes, the doctors saved my life when I bloated up like a balloon with gelatin-like interstitial mucin (a polysaccharide), but doctors also had let me drift for years toward CHF despite my obvious symptoms, plus the typical medical professionals don't seem to have a real cure -- just prescriptions, continual suffering, and waiting for death. My self-help effort is bringing me back to better health and ridding me of the mucin involved in heart-swelling, face bloating, and general edema, all of which evidently is related to my "borderline" hypothyroidism. Mike234

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Well done you for sorting things out yourself, good to hear your'e feeling better. I feel better on NDT too (porcine). I also keep check on my vitamin/mineral levels (Vit D, iron, B12 etc).

Strangely enough 3 of my aunties & grandad died in their early 50s of 'dropsy' (congestive heart disease). I was trying to explain this to my youngest daughter today that mucin is like the stuff in nappies (diapers) that absorbs and holds water, well that's how I think of it.

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I'm sorry you've had to go through all that and happy that you have found at last something that works for you. I self medicate and I'm in the UK. CHF is a real worry for me as my main problem has always been mucin. NowI look like a very big fat lump with legs except I hardly eat. I have had to stop taking T3 as it was giving me huge gut issues and it wasn't working anymore. Can you send me a private message with details of your supplier so I can try what you are taking? Here's wishing you a speedy recovery x

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Hi, would you be kind enough to tell me which natural bovine freeze dried desiccated thyroid you take?/ Much thanks

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I would like to know as well which kind of brand you bought?

Many thanks


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