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Receiving T3 from Turkey, legality?

I live in the UK and have been taking T3 bought on the internet. However, I now have a friend who lives in Turkey and he can send me Tiromel.

Does anyone know if it's legal at his end to send me Tiromel?

I guess it's not legal to receive Tiromel for my own use but I'm prepared to take the risk, but I don't want him to get into trouble.

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It is legal for you to import Tiromel from Turkey for your own use or that of your household. I've no idea of the legality or otherwise of your friend sending Tiromel to you but as it is available over the counter I can't see why it should be illegal for him to post them to you. My sister brings me Tiromel when she holidays in Turkey.

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The question that keeps popping up in my mind is whether your dog counts as "household"?

(Obviously, only if properly diagnosed and needing whatever medicine is under discussion. :-) )


I know that pharmacys in this country have strict rules about not being able to sell anything, even a bandage for animal use. Is your dog hypo.


Don't even have a dog!

My question was meant in general - and only to medicines which are genuinely suited to animal use. More a matter of how literally the legal side has been written.


Does anyone know what throid care is like in Turkey I am thinking of moving there to see if my child can access some thyroid treatment.


There have been quite a number of papers published by doctors in Turkey. But I have no idea what their day to day treatment is like.

Also, remember that there has just been a significant earthquake...

Also, perhaps I missed them, but I don't remember a single post here by someone in Turkey. Or have I forgotten? No idea what to make of that.


I couldn't live there, mandyjane just the headlines give me the creeps. Say what you like about Blighty but at least there is some semblance of democracy...for a gobsh*te like me, that means a lot :D


Haha .... :o)) ...


I am aware of the politics and no it doesnt look good but I dont imagine it to be very long term and it is all very well being able to vote for a government in Blighty but I have serious doubts as to whether the government runs this country.


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