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The legality of purchasing DHEA


I searched 'DHEA' on this site. It seems that there is a difference of opinion on the legality of purchasing and possessing DHEA. I have done my own research. It seems it is legal to buy DHEA in the form of a medical product when it is for exclusively for your own use. There are a few requirements that seem pretty easy. For example records need to be kept and it must be disposed of by a qualified person. I have been looking at the original legislation and it states there are no subsequent updates.

DHEA is a Class C Controlled Drug drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Find it on the list as DHEA / Prasterone.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations it comes under Section 4 Pt 2

I hope you find this helpful.

If you know any good products or suppliers, please private message me. Thank you.

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I get it on prescription, but on the other hand, several supplement companies with addresses and shipping from the UK in GBP sell it. Google is your friend here.


As I have long thought (and maybe have even posted), I think we need a legal opinion on this issue. I still think that it is a controlled drug and, though I understand where you are coming from, I would not like to be in the position of explaining to an unhappy policeman...


There are two types of dhea, one is a synthetic pharmaceutical grade which is only available with a prescription and the other is a natural product from yams, which is sold as a food suppliment.

Here is a site that explains.

ya cant get it in Canada in health stores anymore...

I asked a pharmacist once about it, and he said only with a prescript from a doctor now..

Bet you can get it in the USA though...

I thought you had to have some sort of licence to be allowed to import and keep DHEA. I think you would need to have a legal expert look over the regulations.

susymac in reply to susymac

Having had a look at the regulations, I think you need to take note of every sentence that begins with the words "Any person who is authorized..." which pretty much applies to importing, possessing and record keeping of the controlled drugs listed within the same section (and others) that DHEA is in.

I would have to assume that a person being authorized as mentioned, is a licensed professional ie licensed importer, pharmacist, possibly doctors or other medical professionals. I don't think it is a simple as just keeping a record of what you bought, when and from where, I think it means official controlled drugs record keeping for which you would have to have some sort of registered qualification or license.

Thank you very much for your replies.

Last night I watched a programme about a coroner in Florida, & she was investigating the mysterious death of a middle aged woman who died in her sleep. she was perfectly healthy, apparantly. The cause of death was found to be DHEA. It caused a fatal arrythmia. This is why I`m sceptical about all these supplements that are supposed to miraculously boost our health.

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