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CRP marker down

CRP marker down

Hello thyroidies how's it hanging with y'all? Thought I'd share some good news as I see this crop up occasionally on the forum

Recently taken another ultra thyroid test. Everything looks good this time; even my CRP, which is always raised, has come off from 8.3 mg/l to 6 mg/l. Yes, I know this is still high - hardly surprising given my weight and a challenging time, work wise.

The only thing I have done differently is my almost daily use of my Better You magnesium transdermal spray about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. Without a doubt, I'm sleeping better because of this. It's cheap as chips and lasts a long time.

So there are loads of papers linking a reduction in CRP with magnesium supplementation. Transdermal delivery is held to be a good method; yet again there are some well cr*ppy oral versions available at a supermarket near you. Here's a link to a study I could understand, which is about half way down my Google's 1st page - it's clearly a hot topic.


Maybe I'll limbo <5 next time; one thing less to fret about.

Forge on, chaps and chapesses :)

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Good news, Rapunzel. I wasn't aware that magnesium could help reduce inflammation.

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I'm a great fan of BetterYou Magnesium Spray, but did not know that it had anything to do with inflammation. I shall now study my blood markers more intensely for this. Thanks for posting Rapunzel, really useful info.

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