Anyone experienced really watery eyes?

For a few weeks now I have been suffering extremely watery eyes. I know it is nothing major but it is driving me mad. Last week my dose of Thyroxine had to be increased. I am wondering if it could be connected to my Thyroid (and therefore should improve on my new dose) or I if I should look elsewhere for a solution. The doctor suggested allergies but I have not changed anything.

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  • my doc said mine is related to thyroid and it is dry eyes...because eyes are dry they over produce tears...he gave me lacrilube which helps

  • My eyes water when they get dry. Weird I know but that's what happens. I use HycoBak eye drops and put them in frequently when my eyes feel bad, I tend to stop once they improve which is the wrong thing to do and of course they dry out again. Sensible people keep using the drops. I put them in as often as I feel they need it - don't limit myself to three times a day or that sort of thing. Other people will chip in with their favourite dry eye cures eg Lacrilube, I dont like hypromelose but am prepared to use pretty much anything else. I also like to use a face cloth soaked in hot as I can stand water then wrung out as a compress you can buy an eye bag that you heat in a microwave but the facecloth is just as effective. Better too if you can get preservative free drops / gel or whatever it is you decide to use.

  • Yes me too ... goodness cant believe yet another complication !!!

  • Me too, my doc also said its a hypo symptom. I also use Lacrilube.

  • I've found visco tears gel works best for me after trying several brands x

  • My eyes used to water, but stopped when my health improved on T3 only.

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