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Hello. My story starts when we started trying for a baby 2 years ago. Had a blood test and my Tsh was over 6, had a second blood test they said it's in normal limits but in the higher limit. Since then a lot of weight gain, feeling tiered all the time, cold, heavy period, regular but heavy and very painful. No baby. Doctor said I was overweight so that is stopping me to conceive. Went to dietetician, he said my eating is fine and I shouldn't put on weight and referred me back to gp for thyroid check. I had the results again high tsh, still they don't want to give me medication, they want another blood test in 1 month to see if thyroid levels itself. A couple of years ago had private blood test in another country, they told me then I had slightly high tsh. Between these gp blood test I went 2 to the GP complaining I am. Pouting on weight and even with diet it does not go down. She laughed told me to try a strict diet. I feel like a mock. Should I go private? If yes is there a private endocrinologist in milton keynes? I am getting older and want a baby. I have no time to loose. Thanks for reading my long post.

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As well as thyroid blood tests for TSH, FT4 and FT3 you should also get thyroid antibodies tested. If you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, your thyroid levels can fluctuate and this could cause variations in blood test results. Ask your GP to test for Thyroid autoantibodies, you can read up about which tests to ask for on the Thyroid UK website or on other people's posts here.

Your GP may be more willing to treat you for thyroid disease if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimotos. Once you've got all your blood test results then post them here with the ranges and people will give you good advice based on their experience.

You could also get thyroid levels tested privately if you prefer. Thyroid UK has a list of reliable private laboratories on their website.

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It is very important for your thyroid to be OK to conceive .There was a link to a paper yesterday dealing with specific situations regarding the thyroid .

The first was to do with pregnancy but being an elderly male I did not read it.

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