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Hair loss and loss of eyebrows



My mum is 69 and has been diagnosed with under active thyroid for about 35 years. SInce then she has found weight loss very hard. In the last 5 years she has lost her eyebrows and suffered a receding hairline. The GP has said this is down to her thyroid but has been quite dismissive and hasn't offered to do anything. She also has a recurring rosacea type skin infection that temporarily responds to antibiotics but the dr is struggling to identify.

I asked her to check with the GP what her thyroid levels are and he says they're within the norms.

She is really self conscious, and has been quite forgetful and absent-minded lately. She has also been tired but struggling with sleep. What can she do?

What about T3- what is it? Is it really such a life-changing drug, as I've heard it described. Are there any supplements she could take? I've heard there's a desiccated thyroid she could take, would that help with her hair?

Could anyone recommend by PM a good private endocrinologist in The Portsmouth area?


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Before jumping straight on the T3/NDT bandwagon.....

Your mum needs to get copies of her last thyroid test results. She is entitled to them.

Next, if she hasn't had them done, ask GP to test her levels for Vit D, Vit B12, Ferritin and Folate. All these need to be optimal for the conversion of thyroid meds.

Portsmouth, my home city 🙂

If you send an email to she will send you a list of consultants

It's likely she is either under medicated or not able to convert levothyroxine well, or also a combination of the two. T3 could possibly help depending on her situation. It would be best for you to make a new post including her latest test results along with the information you provided in this post. Members can then help advise based on your mother's specific situation.

About the t3, if it is what she needs it could likely help, it has helped me grow some of my hair and eyebrows back, however please be warned that the longer her hair loss has gone on the less she is likely to regain once optimally medicated. Yet it would still help her health in general.

She likely does need supplementation as most hypo patients tend to have deficiencies, the most common being vit D, b12, iron/ferritin, folate. She needs to have these tested, and based on her results supplementation can be suggested. If you have these results please include them in your post along with her thyroid test results.

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