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New Surrey Support Group

The first meeting will be on Sat 9th Sept at 11am at the Hand & Spear, Old Heath Rd, Weybridge KT13 8TX, next to Weybridge station.

The pub opens at 11am and is quiet then so we should be able to find a fairly private alcove to chat in. There is no charge for the meeting apart from buying yourself a tea or coffee at the bar.

Meetings will be bi-monthly and we can change day/time/venue to suit most people so if you are unable to make this one do let me know what would work better for you.

It will be very informal and an opportunity to talk to people who understand how life really is for us, and to help each other by sharing what's worked and hasn't worked for each of us.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting some of you lovely people on this forum.


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Hi .... I have recently discovered you all, having been on Levothyroxine for many years and not knowing why I was so exhausted. Am totally confused how to self med - so your support group and advice would be great. Hope to make 9th or might have to be next one. Siddd (female)!


Hi Dina, is your group meeting still on this Saturday? (as I am the only reply)


Yes it certainly is - several people on here have been in contact and I've also advertised it locally and on FB so do hope you can join us too.


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