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Am i hypo gone hyper throid? Confused


So i had my annual exam this week. After having hypothyroidism for 23 years and being on synthroid now .125. I have been told based on blood work my tsh is less than .01 and they want me to go back to taking .1. They didnt check for anything else but suggested i see an endocrinologist. What could cause a flip from hypo to hyper within a year?

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I feel like that's the way I'm going. But blood tests say I'm hypo, but feel hyper constantly! Hope you find some answers!

Just because your TSH is low doesn't automatically mean that you are hyper.

How do you feel?

Ajbinnc in reply to mistydog

I actually feel great. Have started running again and am up to three miles a day. I am at a good weight 126lbs for 5 ft 8inches. Am trying to get an appt with an endocrinologist

Stourie in reply to Ajbinnc

If you feel good do not let the doctor reduce your meds. Tsh doesn't matter even if your doctor thinks that it does. It is a pituitary hormone not thyroid. He is supposed to be working with you to make your feel well.

Jo xx

Ajbinnc in reply to Stourie

Well not sure what happened. Just picked up meds. Still 125. Have endocrine appt next month.


Just TSH doesn't tell enough of what's going on. You need FT3, FT4, Thyroid antibodies and vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested first.

This is not being hyper. Hyper would mean having symptoms of being hyperthyroid, symptoms to do with the body speeding up such as restlessness, heat, diarrhea. In blood test terms it would be indicated by a very over range freeT3.

You are very unlikely to be hyper. It is much more likely that you're still hypo. Most people need a suppressed TSH in order to feel well, it doesn't indicate anything about being over medicated.

Don't allow anyone to reduce your medication without a lot of second opinions, and certainly a full thyroid panel (consisting of TSH, freeT4 and freeT3), and someone who knows how to interpret all the numbers. You can also ask for a retest several weeks or months later.

Don't do it lightly, one of the most common questions on this forum is people who have been reduced for spurious reasons and then get very ill. Some find this forum years later trying to figure out where the problems started.

Thanl you for your thorough and thoughtful reply. I am tryong to get in to see an endocrinologist and get a full panel done. Agree am not in favor of yo yo ing the synthroid dose. Feel like they need more information not just tsh.

Ajbinnc in reply to Ajbinnc

The results of my bloodwork are in

Tsh 0.015

T3 3.87

T4 1.12

Vitamin d levels are excellent

So can someone help me to translate this? My doc is keeping me on .125 synthroid 6 days a week and a half tab on sundays.

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