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Help with blood results!

Hi everyone I'm new here! I'll give a little history, about 2 months ago now I had a large lump appare in right side of the throat, went a and e, which then after an ultrasound found to be a large fluid filled cyst and I have loads of little ones. They got most of the fluid out of the big one which was the size of a golf ball. I was never in pain and could breath fine. Now I'm in pain with my throat and the back of my neck, my breathing is being restricted and I'm soooo tired, but because I got diagnosed with anxiety my gp keep putting this down to that, I have another ultrasound soon, but don't see my consultant till 18th December 🙄. I'm trying to see him sooner. Anyway... I've had blood test after blood test on my thyroid always comes back 'normal'. My mum as a goitre, my nan as under active thyroid and my uncle as graves. And this goes way back into my great grandparents. I believe I have all the symptoms of a hyperthyroidism, I'm tired, dry skin, bones ache, always cold, anxiety, racing heart,very low iron and low vit d and so on.

I've got my recent bloods and was told I'm normal. Could anyone help and tell me if they are? I have two young children and I need to be th best mum and wife for them but I feel I'm having everyone in the medical profession turning there back on me.

I will type it just as they have!

TSH (centaur) 1.03 mU/L (0.35 - 5.5)

Free T4 (centaur) 12.0 prol/L (10.0 - 19.8)

FreeT3 (centaur) 4.5 Prol/L (3.55 - 5.44)

If anyone can help I'll be so thankful and if anyone is or had a simlaur experince I'd love to hear your story.

Thank you

Lisa x

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I assume that you are not taking anything?

Keep going back until they see you. The anxiety is likely due to low thyroid hormones.

Have they tested TPO and TgAb antibodies? Tested for Graves?

Good luck


Nope haven't had any test other than the ones I put in my last post? Can I demand they test this?

Thank you!!


Sorry no I'm not taking anything


You can request it. If not, you can get private bloods done

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