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Went to see endo

Seasidesusie. Not at all surprised by his response tbh. He told me that he has done all he can as my TSH is within range, and he suggested I go back to gp and be referred to cardiologist coz he's work is done. I asked several questions regarding t3, which he clearly didn't like and he became quite uncomfortable. I'm back to gp tomorrow, for referral to see different endo (2nd opinion). My main concern now is to find a private gp willing to prescribe t3 or NDT. Also need to get the autoimmune disease in order by trying to reduce the level of thyroglobulin antibodies. I'm upping iron supplements and am in the process of reducing wheat intake. If anybody knows of a private gp/endo in the Somerset area, please let me know.

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email who has a list of doctors. If you choose one, you can put up his/her name and ask for a Private Message to be sent to you of that particular doctor.

I know how frustrating it is to get assistance, particularly as we are aware that there is more to getting better than levothyroxine and doctors keeping the TSH higher than 1.

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sylus911 He was uncomfortable because he was out of his depth, you were talking quite confidently about something he has little, or no, knowledge of. Rather what was expected! So you're better off without him.

Email for the list of thyroid friendly endos. Whoever is in your area, put up a new thread asking for feedback, replies will have to be by private message.

If all else fails, you can do what many of us do and that is buy your own T3, keep your Levo prescription, and tweak the doses and sort yourself out. Plenty of members to offer guidance.

Don't just reduce your wheat intake. Many Hashi's patients need to be strictly gluten free, reducing doesn't cut it.


I have seriously reduced my thyroid antibodies by going on a totally gluten free diet. It was an experiment at first but was such a success I wouldn't ever go back to my old lifestyle.

I don't really eat bread / cakes / biscuits though (junk food is still junk food even if it's gluten free junk food) as they spike my blood sugar and I don't eat 'healthy' jacket potatoes either for the same reason.

I got help with being GF by joining Coeliac UK, they send you a nice food directory with everything you would need to know about GF foods and also a magazine.


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