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ME Association Petition to Revise Current Guidelines

The ME Association is running a petition - The NICE guideline for CFS/ME is not fit for purpose and needs a complete revision - because The NICE guideline for CFS/ME is currently undergoing an official review with arecommendation before the committee for no action to be taken.

Please support the ME Association in this petition: tinyurl.com/yc3s7nly

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Glad you've seen that as forewarned is forearmed. As it says in the second paragraph Quote -

As stakeholders, the ME Association believes that the current guideline is not fit for purpose and that we are not being afforded a fair opportunity to help produce a better version.

I wish you a better hearing with NICE

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I know of someone with Lyme and was making a noise in high places. She was invited to join NICE in the Lyme discussions. She thought it was because they could keep her under control by keeping an eye :-(


I have already signed and shared this from another source.


I've already signed


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