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Should I change Doctor?


Hi,i have had graves disease 8 years and currently on block and replace--carbimazole and thyroxine,6 months ago I was told I have B12 deficiency so on injections and folic acid however the symptoms of graves never went and symptoms of b12 defitiency is similar to graves but my symptoms match graves more so I saw my gp and he said theres nothing wrong with thyroid as levels normal then he started asking if I took recreational drugs,alcohol smoked dizziness eating and sleeping head aches ect all I do is smoke around 6 a day and he said he would feel my stomache then he did pulse then asked if I got double visio and when I answered he asked what was wrong with my voice which I wasn't aware of but said anxiey changed my voice to a bit croaky or I talk slower as I don't find talking easy about myself he then said to go for chest x ray and respiratory assessment and chest xray and said I soundrd like I was of breath when I spoke and I told him again .I went there about my thyroid and medication and he did not seem bothered,he even said I had lines on my face from smoking and smoking ages you,i know this but he knows how difficult it is for me having so much anxiety.should I see another doctor.

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I would:

1. Get a copy of your test results and ranges. This is your right under the Data Protection Act and you simply need to ask your GP's receptionist for them. If you are refused them or ignored, then come back here for advice on how to get them. Once you get them post the test results with ranges so that other posters can comment.

2. Give up smoking. Then when you see any doctor mention that you have given up/are trying to give up and how well (or not) you are doing. Your aim there is to get them to concentrate on what else is wrong with you not the fact that you are a smoker.

3. Talk to family, neighbours, friends' and acquaintances who live in your local area. Specifically those who will not take crap from doctors plus have a chronic long term condition. Find out which GP practice they are with and how well they are treated.

Once you get your results and ranges, and get comments from other posters then you can see how well or not your doctor is actually treating you.

I have found if you know some information about what is wrong with you some doctors realise they cannot fob you off and treat you better. However other doctors still have their prejudices about you and with those you need to change to a completely different practice.

bev1958 in reply to bluebug

Thankyou for your sound advise,will let you know how I get on.

What doses of Levo and Carbimazole are you on?

I am taking 50mg levo and 20mg carbimazole

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