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TSH, FT3 and endos advice - so confused :(

Hello everyone, any advice on my current situation would be massively appreciated, I don't know what to do...

My GP referred me to an endo, largely because I haven't had any periods since coming off the pill nearly 3 years ago, but also due to never quite feeling like my hypo symptoms have resolved since starting on levo about the same time.

To cut a long story short, here is where I was at a couple of months back

I had a pituitary MRI, and had all my bloods repeated, and I have had a call from the endo today. The only blood results he gave me are:

TSH - 0.05

FT3 - 3.4 (3.1-6.8)

He said that I don't have a pituitary problem, but mild primary hypothyroidism. He said I am over-medicated, so he wants me to reduce to 50mcg. He is concerned about atrial fibrilation and osteporosis from my suppressed TSH - he said I might have another 60 years to live and he wants to keep me well. I said that I had tried reducing my dose to both 50mcg and 50/75 (the latter earlier this year) and it made me feel worse. I said that I was actually hoping for a dose increase because of my low FT3, and he said there is no way he's going to do that. However he has agreed that I stay on 75 and he will see me again in a few weeks, when we will discuss me having some T3.

I am struggling with insomnia and some associated anxiety at the moment (has come and gone over the last year), and a general lack of energy over the last few months. Also now the weather has gone a bit cooler, I have dry skin again. I vary between consipated and going multiple times a day. These things seem to come up as both hypo and hyper symptoms.

I don't know what to do, should I try reducing the dose and see how I feel, or should I hold out and bargain that I'll reduce if he gives me T3? Obviously I don't want AF or osteoporosis (and this link concerns me ), and I would really like to sleep!

Re my lack of periods, he said that he thinks I do too much exercise, and that I should go back on the pill pending fertility treatment in the future. I'm not very happy about that, but he says it's not good to not have periods.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Thank you so much in advance,


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I suppose what I should have asked is, can you be overmedicated with a mid-range FT4 and low FT3?

Thank you


I think you need a change of Endo. Sometimes it's better to do a 'Do It Yourself' if we want to get better although it would be marvelous if we weren't forced.

Your FT3 is at the bottom of the range, should be towards the upper level that's why...


Your Endo doesn't deserve the title. He hasn't a clue. Your FT3 is at the bottom of the range - not sure how it could expect that to magically go higher on reduced Levo!

Find a new endo, one who actually knows how the thyroid works...


Sorry, mountaingoat, your link doesn't work.

Was it about people with hyperthyroidism/Graves getting osteoporosis and AF? If so, I believe that is a risk for them if they're not treated. But it has nothing to do with a suppressed TSH. It has to...


Sack that totally useless excuse for an endo

Self treat with NDT purchased online its cheap and contains all 4 thyroid hormones not just useless t4

You are woefully undermedicated and probably have low




Vit d3


Theres no reason to be scared its your health in your hands which is better than being untreated by doctors

Theres very good advice available to help you

Tsh should be near 1

Free t4 and free t3 should be in upper quadrant of their ranges



Mountaingoat, If your endo kept up with research he would know TSH levels are not associated with AF and that one extra hip fracture per 1,000 patient-years was found in a meta-analysis of patients with TSH <0.1. Probably won't stop him spouting...


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