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Does anyone else get this?

I now have constant chest pain. It feels like something is being ripped out of my chest when I cough. I feel like someone has their hand wrapped around my throat all the time now. I'm beginning to wonder if this is more than Hashimotos. Has this happened to anyone else?

I was at my doctor's yesterday and he put me on a beta blocker because he said my thyroid problem could be causing heart issues. I have a goiter and high T3 and tests are currently being run for thyroid antibodies and such.

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Have you been to see the doctor? You might have a chest infection or something similar so you need to exclude it.


Don't ignore chest pain, get it checked asap.


I would agree with people above - don't ignore chest pain.

Assuming you get told you don't have an infection and you aren't having a heart attack, the next thing you should find out is how good your nutrients are : iron/ferritin, vitamin D, folate and vitamin B12. Iron deficiency can cause chest pain, tachycardia, palpitations, irregular rhythm, but any nutrient deficiency can have widespread effects.

The other issue you have might be low Free T3 because the heart is badly affected by this. Have you ever had a full thyroid function test, including thyroid antibodies?

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