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interesting, studying and reading up of all kinds of illnesses. low Vit B , iron , reading and understanding blood results!!!!


i just spend the best part of 1,5 hours reading up on thyroid stuff. i am soo excited that this site brings the meaning of thyroid from different countries into focus. i have to say, i didn't look at other sites [yet], just australia [where i live] and uk. i takes a while to find your way around, with the minimised brain capacity of brain-fog! but i got it, and so can you. i am sure, i look into this UK site before, but never realised you can get a sneak view into other countries and there meaning of thyroid disease and handling. get a cuppa and stard studying up on Thyroids function and whatnot...

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bummer, the other countries are in 'other' languages. it has a translate function.....


Yep mojas, that's the secret to surviving, study up on this stuff so that you can stay one step ahead of your doc. You must not let them dose you into oblivion, you must know what you need and make sure you get it - even if you have to do a little self medicating on the side. Keep studying, it's a vast subject but you can do it.


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