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One American site I have previously ordered from will no longer take credit cards, and there is a note in the small print about ordering medicines to the UK - something along the lines of that this is not for UK customers, however, on the site it offers free delivery to the UK. It offers 3 other payment methods: biticon, american express and fax them my card details. I dont have access to a fax machine, so considering american express.

Does anyone know if I can access american express if I live in the UK? The thyroid meds on this site are cheaper than other sites.

Thanks x

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  • Pinkgirl10 American Express is a credit card and we in the UK can apply for one

    What thyroid meds are you after? Levo, T3 and NDT can be obtained from suppliers other than in the US and can be paid for by Western Union or Moneygram usually.

  • I am trying to get Synthroid or Eltroxin. I have ordered T3 from Montenegro (Greece or Cyprus) but the Synthroid is only available from the US site. I ordered from it before and paid by credit card. I manged to order Eltroxin from another site but its currently out of stock, so will need to wait around 4 week for it to come in. It good to know that I can get American Express in the UK, so thanks for that. On this site there was no option for Western Union or Moneygram, only Biticon? and fax over credit card details (which I won't do) But, I have never used Western Union or Moneygram.

  • I agree about not faxing credit card details, too risky. I believe Moneygram can be done at the post office but both WU and MG can be done online.

    Does it have to be Synthroid or Eltroxin brands? UniPharma Levothyroxine is available from the Cyprus supplier of T3.

  • I don't use T4 but website I am ordering T3 from Greece (I suppose it's the same as yours) has T4 Uni Pharma and my friend recently also bought Euthyrox from them.

  • I wouldn't dream of sending credit card details as a fax.

    However, be aware that there are many fax services which allow you to send a fax - slight variations but something like send an email and they convert it into a fax for you and send it on. (And the same in reverse, fax to email services are also available.)

  • I'm not really comfortable sending credit card by either fax or email. I may consider applying for American Express instead because this site is less expensive than other US sites.

  • Just to be clear - that comment was meant in general terms about what is technically possible - I wouldn't send credit card details by email either. :-)

  • This summer, the bank called me and said that my card had been used twice in America to purchase computer equipment! I was very glad that they spotted it before I did and fortunately, the bank declined the transactions. I am very careful with my cards, though at the time I didnt have internet at home and had paid for something by card in my university's library so I maybe it was hacked there. When, I have used my local library, many sites are blocked - like when I type in hotmail for my email, it's always blocked because the word 'hot' is in the title

  • Pinkgirl10, I sent you a PM yesterday but have had no response - did you receive it?

  • Yes I did :-), thanks. Only now checked my emails

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