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Advice needed

Hi folks, i posted this long message below yesterday and today i now have my t3 result so thought i would post again now i have t3 result ( ps, dont have the range, all i have is the letter from the clinic to my doctor )

Hi peops. Ive an ongoing issue with what seemed to me under active thyroid. The main problem seems to stem from exercise or exertion were i started to feel headachy, exhausted and a little breathless a while after exercise and then for a few days following it and then a few days later i start to feel normal ish again. Someone on here replied to me that it seemed my t3 was dropping from the exercise which seems logical. Ive had the usual thyroid tests done wih my gp and all normal so i went to an endo and again all results look ok apart from the fact i have both left and right lobe nodules 1 of which is 3cm x 2cm so i am gettig a fine needle biopsy to look into it further. Apparently though the nodules shouldnt cause the symptoms of tiredness, headaches etc as my thyroid hormone results look normal.

What i need to know is when i got my endo bloods taken 2 weeks ago i hadn't exercised in months and feel not too bad. I went for a cycle just on monday just past amd lastnight the headaches started again and again today with that weird weak shaky feeling i get. Is it likely that my t3 was ok when i got my bloods done the other week because i hadn't been exerting myself but now I've exercised they have dropped again. If i was to get the bloods done when i feel like this would the results be different. Should i go out and purposely exert myself and get the bloods done then.


Had fine needle biopsy tonight.

Free t3 was 5.2 ( sorry no range )

Tsh 0.27 range (0.27-4.2)

Free thyroxine 16.6

Anti Thyroid peroxidase antibodies-negative

How does t3 look and would it drop after exercise ? If so would it drop enough to make me have symptoms on low t3

Thank you


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It's hard to comment without any range but if I go by normal range, which is up to around 6 or 6.8, your T3 levels do not seem to indicate a thyroid problem especially where no anitbodies and tsh and T4 seem normal.

I've just read through your posts and your main symptoms seems to be after excercise?

I couldn't see much at all in your previous threads that can indicate anything obvious at all to be honest. I didn't see a VIt D result so make sure you check this out as many people in UK are Vit D deficient. Possible low ferritin but I'm assuming you've been working on that?

So if I take it you crash after you exercise, I'm going to go back to basics - are you eating enough? IF you don't eat enough calories or are on a diet, you will not have the energy to exercise and could cause low glucose levels and hypoglycemia and will crash afterwards. Minimum calories a body needs is 1750 for a female although should be 2500 especially if you are trying to exercise as you need much more. Going less than 1500 calories will cause issues for those who don't even exercise.

If you don't eat enough, you will have unstable sugar levels which then leads to unstable cortisol levels which could also make you crash - your body needs to get energy from somewhere so in the event of not enough food, it will start producing more glucose from stores and eventually run on your adrenals to keep you going.

If you do eat enough and have a good diet, then you could check both your blood glucose levels and cortisol levels to see if anything going on there. You can get a cheap three day blood glucose monitoring pack from pharmacy for £15 (finger prick tests that diabetics use). If they turn out to be unstable and going low/high, there are many simple things you can do to resolve it. You can get a cortisol saliva test that tests four times over the day for about £59 on medichecks and there are also things you can do to help this also if turns out to be not quite right. Both of these could have an impact on your T3 levels.

Are you getting enough protein/healthy fats, this will cause you problems with exercise.

Apart from that, all I can suggest is taking a more in depth look at your diet to see if anything obvious missing in regards to micro nutrients and the ones not usually tested for. You can use a website like cronometer which tracks absolutely everything and you only need to do for a few weeks to get a good idea.

Apologies, can't help you much more than that :-)


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