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Take private blood panel before seeing NHS Endo?

Hello, am new and confused. This is my first question though I've been reading for the last few weeks.

I have an appointment with an Endo in a few weeks. My GP has run the tests that he's been able to do, but obviously not the rT3 or salivary tests etc. Should I go and get them done before I see the Endo and present her with the results, or talk to her first?

I am coming from this as a CFS patient. I was referred to a CFS clinic where I first had to be interviewed by a specialist who would asses me for the suitability of the program. He was a high-ranking Endo. By the end of the interview, and further research on him and general thyroid problems ( including here ), I had zero faith and zero respect for him. My GP said I had the right to a second opinion, thus the referral to a different Endo.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

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NHS endos will not even look at RT3 or salivary tests so there no point hoping they will

Much more important is who the 2nd endo is and what feedback there is on them especially via Louise Warvill


I am going to see Dr De Silva in Harlow. I am willing to travel anywhere in SE England / London to get to see someone sympathetic and clued-up.

Any comments on Dr. De Silva should be via Private Message in line with posting guide #24, thank you, Clutter.


I found that useless nhs gps wont look at private test, my dummy one admitted she didnt know how to interpret it (thicko), however some nhs endos i have found will actually look at say genova's full test. I prefer to do my own so that i have control of the results and i decide who does/doesnt get a copy. eg i give to nhs endo but withold consent under DPA so that hysterical nhs gp does not get copies


So I should see the NHS endo first ( we live in hope), then go down the private route.


Strawberryflower, if you intend to have private tests for your own information there's no reason not to make the results available at your endo consultation. Endo may find them useful although some, like mine, will only look at results from their own hospital's phlebotomy dept and lab.


I had private tests done before my most recent endo visit. I didn't tell anyone - mainly because of what clutter says - but it was a fantastic feeling to know what was what before I got there :-)

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I am tempted to get them done. How long do they take to organize and then come back? My appointment is in a fortnight.


I have often wondered about this! Just recently though I asked to see another NHS Endo recommended by someone on here and my GP trying to be helpful ran a full screening first and then referred me when we got the readings thinking it would say time in the long run! Sort of backfired as for some reason my TSH was readable and my FT4 had dropped so they didn't test FT3 this time and suggested I was over medicated. Previously had done FT3 and it was low so my, and other suggestions would have been not converting well. However new expert redid all the tests because his labs have different ranges so may be better to get new endo's bloods then do them privately if you think differently from him. One would like to think that in range in one is still in range with the other even if the result is slightly different.


IN RANGE means nothing ...your symptoms are the key... BUT finding an Endo able to see the bigger picture .. me thinks impossible.. I have spent a small fortune seeing various experts and and last month went to Belgium they did a 24 hr urine test for TSH t3 t4 cortisol plus all sex hormones results were all low….. They also took blood tests results were within range TSH 1.72…... .So ask for urine tests.


So confusing! Thanks to everyone who has sent replies. It means a lot. I guess you all know how frustraing this is, and how important it is for us to chat.


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