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PMS much worse recently

Hi All, looking for some advice please!!

These last few months my mood is significantly worse in the week prior to my period (which has become much shorter over the last year or so). When I say worse, I mean in comparison to how it used to be. I used to just get a bit grouchy in the 1 or 2 days immediately before and once I started I would be fine. Now it's a whole week before and I feel anxious, depressed, irritable..just really not nice to be around. My period is quite heavy but only for about 24 hours then it is 'barely there' for about 5 days. (it used to be very heavy for a couple of days and then gradually get lighter over the week) I'm not on any kind of birth control, I came off the pill aged 22 as it caused too many issues so have only used condoms since. I am 39 years old.

Could there be an obvious reason for that? I have to say that just recently mood and energy wise, I have really declined again and beginning to feel that it is all just too bloody complicated and I'll never get back to how I used to be. I can't afford to be testing as often as I think I probably should, especially as I am now up to 4 1/2 grains of Nature-throid (and probably still not on enough) which is also getting expensive.

Just when I eliminate one symptom another will resurface and it's just so frustrating :-(

Thanks in advance

Nat x

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Hi NatChap, I can so relate and you have my sympathies.

I am post menopausal now but i used to suffer the most horrendous PMT.. I was horrible to be around for 2 weeks every month.

I went down the natural route first (as I always do) and tried diet, evening primrose etc. Nothing helped me.

In the end I went to my doctor and the antidepressant fluoxetine (prozac) had just been licensed to treat PMT. I went on this straightaway and I noticed a beneficial effect almost from the start. After a couple of months I never suffered with PMT again, not a single symptom of it.

I know medicines work for some and not for others, and some do not like taking meds, but for me it was the magic bullet and I am so glad I took that medication.

I hope you feel beter soon, PMT is nasty x


Thank you, I really didn't want to go down the anti depressant route but I'm beginning to think I may not have a choice. I am trying 5htp but so far don't feel it's helping although I've only been on it around 3 weeks.


I was exactly the same but just thought I would let you know as it changed my life in the PMT sense. I obviously no longer take them :-).

Unfortunaely for me, most 'natural stuff' has no effect on me. I also tried linseeds, l-tryptopan (not sure if spelt correctly) and diet modifications. Everything I tried, I tried for at least a year. So I think I gave them a good chance to work before giving in to the pharmaceuticals :-(

Good luck :-)


Thanks, I will give it some thought. I just can't believe how much my life has altered in the last 2 years due to this disease and the future really scares me..the thought that I might never get a handle on it :-( A few months ago I was doing well and I guess physically I still am, it's the mental side that is the problem.


I'm your same age and have the same fears. It's been three years of trying to get better. I'm just now trying to add progesterone and seeing if that helps. Do a little research on Hashimoto's and PMS and you'll see there is a tendency for us to be low in progesterone which can cause PMDD like symptoms or really bad PMS .


I agree with the advice re diet and simple supplements but I wonder if you have found Trudy Scott re 5htp and GABA? She states that we suit one of them and if 5htp is doing nothing try GABA. I didnt try it in the end as I couldn't find one without grain fillers and HTP worked for me. Her trial of either is a small sprinkle under the tongue that she calls pixie dust, you need to break the capsule apart. Within a few minutes you will know of it is for you. I suited a pixie dust dose that was actually reassuring as I rattle with everything else I take. She has a good website and blog re everything anxiety and depression so worth a read.


Hi NatChap, please heed the advice of this man. Simple things like B vitamins could make a difference. This is one part on Women's Health but I think you will get a lot of good information from the other two as well.


Thank you, I will have a look at those later. I am supplementing B12/B complex/Vit D/ iron/Vit C/Vit K2/Magnesium/CoQ10/ and Turmeric so I can't imagine there's much more in the way of supplements that can help?

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Very unusual to be on 4 1/2 grains. You must have some sort of resistance going on. Have you posted your test results. Do you have a very high FT3?

Estrogen really blocks T3 usage. Do you think you also have insulin resistance? Well, look at Dr. Bergman's videos. There are a couple of factors like the MTHFR genetic mutation which means you need to take the methylated versions of folate and B12. There is a deiodinase problem with conversion if you want to check out the National Academy of Hypothyroidism it explains all of the above. There are answers out there I'm sure Nat.

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No FT3 has dropped recently hence why I've upped my dose. So in March my FT3 was 4.49 (3.1-6.8) * in Nov it was 6.18. Other labs in March were..

TSH 0.02 (0.27-4.20)

FT4 13.31 (12-22) * in Nov it was 15.49

TT4 66.3 (64.5-142) * in Nov it was 80.1

TPO 45.8 (<34) * was 54.5

B12 488 * was 869 and I'm supplementing but not taken any for 1 week prior to test)

CRP .80 (<5.0) * was 2.20

Folate 30.68 (8.83-60.8)

Ferritin 97.9 (20-150)

I have increased from 4 grains to 4 1/2 since these results


Nat, there is something that Stop the Thyroid Madness site calls pooling. I think the NAH also describes T3 that way and although your TPO's aren't that high it means that thyroglobulins are actually flooding T3 receptors so T3 cannot attach. That's why FT3 can appear high when you are still very hypo. Clark explains it in this 5 minute video.


If you watch more of Dr. Bergman's videos you will understand that estrogens are everywhere because estrogen based pesticides are heavily used in agriculture and progesterone without good good adrenal function can't keep up. I used progesterone cream from time to time but also learn more about your adrenal glands because that may also be the reason your FT3 is falling. Adrenals use cortisol as part of the loop in producing energy or tamping it down.


I was exactly the same and then altered in the same way...It turned out i was perimenopausel although I was in early 40s at the time ...I am now post menopause for a couple of years ..(im 50 now)..maybe get your FSH tested you could be starting early? 4.5 grains ndt is a lot imo especially if you think you need more?maybe your adrenals are out of whack so your not utilising the ndt properly and also the adrenals are causing your hormonal changes.


I have had a look at the symptoms of perimenopause and I have many of them but if it were that, would that affect my T3 levels because they aren't optimal?

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I am not sure of could be a separate issue and maybe you need to lower ndt and add t3? But I do know it is a great stress on your body and that can effect your adrenals and if they are not working as they should then your body won't use your ndt the same.


Hi NatChap,

I suffered for over ten years with severe PMS and I tried everything, I eventually was referred to a gynaecologist who offered me a full hysterectomy, but I didn't want such a major operation. So I researched and visited a doctor in Derby who had worked with Dr Katherine Dalton and between us we decided to give natural progesterone (cyclogest) a try. I had always believed I didn't tolerate progesterone but that was because the synthetic form progestin is very different to the natural one. It changed my life with regards to PMS little did I know my PMS was masking thyroid issues.


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