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US FNA 3 nodules one dominant

Hi new here and wanted to say hello and ask a few things get some more knowledge etc...Dr that did the scan said she didn't like the look of the larger one when I pressed her - she said I would hear within 7 days just got a letter telling me I need one of these and hospital will be in touch - how long until they contact me with appointment? fast are the results? Can they pretty much tell from ultra sound I've read they can... my sister had breast cancer under 40 and I'm 37 my nan had a multinodular goiter taken before I was born as did my auntie and nans sister on my mums side.

I've been trying to tell my gp I don't have depression and anxiety with ibs for 3 years now I lost a baby and my thyroid was suspected but bloods were low normal I'm negative for antibodies and t4 and t3 are in range I have low folate also I have symptoms of hyperthyroid but only just got a referral because I got a private blood test proving my tsh is very low 0.1 gp said they will tell me to go away as I have a normal thyroid.

I'm hoping this will be ok and I can finally start to get my weight back up as I look anorexic and I'm kind of expecting the worst at the minute thanks

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Welcome to the forum, Hypermum05.

I had FNA within 6 weeks of referral to thyroid surgeon. Unusually, some preliminary results were available within a couple of hours but it was several weeks before the core biopsy results were returned and they were inconclusive. I didn't have a repeat FNA because the nodule was compressing my trachea which made swallowing and breathing difficult so the decision was made to do a hemilobectomy to remove it.

95% of thyroid nodules are benign so try not to worry.

Thyroid nodules don't usually affect thyroid blood levels with the exception of 'hot' nodules which can cause hyperthyroidism. TSH 0.1 is low. What were FT4 and FT3 results and ranges?

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Thank you for the reply - I know these things take time just feels like forever waiting now :) I will have a look now and see what they were x free t4 is 12 but can't see t3 on there I'm negative for antibodies also


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