Graves' disease and tightness in neck

Hi all. This has happened to me before but I didn't think much of it but today I have this really uncomfortable feeling in my neck, it feels like I'm being strangled, less painful obviously, but feels really uncomfortable, with the sensation going into my ears. It's hard to explain. Usually when this happens I think I'm getting a cold/sore throat as it feels like my glands are swollen but I don't think it is.

Can anyone else relate to this? I'm going to ask my endo about it at my next appointment, I was going to ask at my last one but I was straight in and out as he was a tad angry/disappointed that my GP had messed up with my blood test so he didn't have my full results in front of him to say how I was doing.

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  • I have been getting a similar feeling in my throat and neck since beginning of 2014 when I was prescribed methotrexate for suspected inflammatory disease. This drug caused bad reaction and I had to stop it after 5 weeks. They now say I have not got inflammatory disease but I still have throat issues. I was told this will go off. I get a feeling that something is tight around my neck and of choking and not being able to breath especially when lying down on my back. My voice gets very hoarse and I have choking fits. I cannot eat without drinking water with it. I have seen ENT twice and they say there is nothing wrong with vocal chords but said I had possible gastric reflux. I take probiotics so I don't believe I have gastric reflux. I believe I have thyroid issues but the tell me its in my head as bloods come back "normal". Sorry Im not helping you much but Id be interested to hear others views on this.

  • Thanks for the reply. I get a hoarse voice and choking as well.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

  • You too. Thanks. Hugs.x

  • From my experience taking Probiotics doesn't prevent reflux sadly.

  • I had this before starting on Levothyroxine for an underactive Thyroid, came back again after a while and blood tests showed that I needed an increased dose. It has been ok so far since increasing.

  • Thanks for reply jay23. So is this a symptom we get wether hyper or hypo? Or maybe a sign I've gone hypo? My last blood test showed my cholesterol was sky high, my endo said this may be because I've gone underactive.

  • Not sure but I was hypo. The sensation cleared a few days after the doctor increased my levothyroxine.

  • I have had this! Just diagnosed with Graves... :-0

  • I have had this symptom after partial thyroid removal and have been back to the endo twice . Both times he has dismissed it. I haven't seen anyone on here raise this before. Mine was so bad with the chocking sensation last night I had to resort to sleeping upright on the sofa !

  • Its awful isn't it? I sleep in the chair most nights because its is more comfortable than bed laying flat especially on my back I get strangulation sensation.

  • Yes I've noticed that strange sensation as well when I lie down. Horrible

  • It is hebden 😞 I usually sleep propted up in bed most nights . I know it's a small issue but I use to sleep cuddled up to my hubby but I can't anymore it's too painful. When I said this to the endo he just laughed ...

  • How dare he laugh. I bet he wouldn't like not being able to have a cuddle. Makes me wonder if they are human?

  • It would be great to find an endocrinologist who was also interested in gastroenterology. The BTF newsletter mentioned a research project in Cardiff called Indigo looking into a possible link between Graves eye disease and gut bacteria so perhaps this is an area that may develop.

  • Are you on Carbimazole? What dose? Do you have your last blood results with ranges, if not it would be a good idea to start collecting them so you can keep an eye on your levels.

  • My GP messed up my test so I dont have my latest ranges yet. I got a test at my last appointment, just waiting for results.

    I'm on 20mg of carbimazole at the moment though and take propranolol as well.

  • Do you have a goitre? That can cause tightness and coughing.

  • I don't think so, I didn't get examined at my last appointment, but didn't have one at the one before. Can they appear Astana time or do they appear at diagnosis?

  • That should say at any time, don't know where Astana came from

  • I think if it's large enough the GP/Endo would see it. Mine was visible, but the Endo still examined my neck and I had a scan. The symptoms may go off as your levels drop.

    I would definitely ask at your next appointment.

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