Horrible palpitations and pressure in throat insomnia aaarrggghh!!

Ok I'm writing this at 3am with the third night on the trot with HORRIBLE palpitations and relentless insomnia. Xmas eve I started with these stabbing pains in the bottom of my throat and neck and the whole of the front of my neck felt as though I had been throttled, when I had a poke about I could feel the glands under my jaw were swollen and when I bent down the pressure in my neck felt awful. When I shouted or turned my head quickly I could feel something hitting my windpipe. I've had a feel for one of them nodules and where I think my thyroid is there's no visible inflammation. It has lessened over the course of three days but the palps haven't let up. They are loads worse when I'm lying down, especially on my left side. I have suffered palpitations and they got really bad about four years ago and I had two seperate ambulatory monitoring and echo gram and these were normal. I'm wondering (from looking at some forum posts on here) that I'm having a hashis flare up? Wondering if this is / happened to anyone else? Would this flare up cause such an odd pain/sensation in my neck/throat? Only had blood tests done this month and I reckon because the level was in the normal range my gp will not entertain the symptoms. I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this with 2 jobs and 2 young kids. Thanks in advance (I'm on 100mcg of Levo)

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  • I had the throat problems you described when I started my Levo (only 50 mg so far as I have moved temporarily and am waiting for a new doctor's appt). They were bad for about two weeks and then subsided to very manageable. Have you gone up on your dose recently?

    The palpitations for me, has been gas. I find that if I partially sit up at night, it helps a lot.

  • Went up about 3 months ago, up to 75 and then 100 I don't think I'm hyper, but I've read that Hashi can cause palps and Levo. I've had them before but not as acute as this. Very unpleasent. I ended up getting up last night and sat bolt upright but still didn't improve much.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Xx

  • I also have been using thyroid support supplements. I stopped them yesterday and my throat swelling seems a little better today. If you are using them, you might try stopping them.

    Something else I have noticed...things like garlic that were once hard on my stomach are easier because I no longer have much stomach acid. But they can cause a lot of that fluttering sensation instead.

  • When you say thyroid supplements do you mean Levo or b12 etc?? Xx

  • Coast girl have you had a Hashi diagnosis? My gp won't test for anti bodies, he said it will have been done at the beggining. But can't difinitivley give me an answer. He just said to assume that's the cause. Apart from the Levo I've been taking a basic multi vitamin. B12 for the brain fog, and magnesium. Sometimes the palps are far worse after alcohol, and because all this started on Xmas eve after a bit of wine I didn't dare have anything since. I'm going to try and suss out my triggers be it food or drink. A lot of people have suggested gluten free diet. Have you tried that? Xx

  • That supplement looks interesting.

  • I have hashi and have had thudding heart and palpitations for years I suffered with insomnia used to lie awake desperately wanting to sleep just to give me some relief from it and the inner tremors I had constantly . I was eventually prescribed amytrypilne 50/75 mg s taken at bedtime and I fall asleep very quickly and sleep well all night, amazing!! My blood tests always normal but I have a lot of flare ups with pain and discomfort in neck throat jaw ear etc. this is an excerpt from endos lecture" normally hyperthyroid and hypothyroid disease does not cause localized pain in the throat neck or referred pain to the face or dental structures . One exception that occasionally occurs is the pain that arises from hashimoto thyroiditis , which is an autoimmune inflamatory disease of the thyroid gland . It can cause painful or tender enlargement of the thyroid gland and in a small percentage of cases pain can be referred into the mandible or submandibular sites ! NOTE: mandible is the lower jaw submandibular is the area beneath the lower jaw . The thudding heart and palpitations I suffered with continued when I was given thyroxine ( T4) although many other symptoms disappeared or eased and I became 60/70% better . It is only recently ( 5 months) I have been self medicating with natural desicated thyroid ( thyrogold) because as you no doubt know getting help from GP s doctors even endos is nigh impossible, here in the uk they won't prescribe Triiodothonine ( T3) or Armour ( NDT) which leaves you no choice , either go on suffering or try to help yourself. Since taking thyrogold the thudding heart and palpitations also inner tremors have all but gone!!! I would show this to your doctor as I have found after many years of research most doctors even endos do not know this fact I have been told many times hashi and hypo do not present themselves like that as they are painless !!!! Hope this helps .jay

  • Jay thanks for that reply it was a great piece of info. I've been out and bought some over the counter sleeping tablets today and I'm going to have a bath and read my book and hopefully get some sleep tonight. The pain and sensation you have described is exactly what I'm going through. Neck and throat still very uncomfortable to a point where I took my scarf off today as it felt constricted and and normally I'm wrapped up like a cocoon as im usually moaning about being freezing. Wondering if ibuprofen will make a difference as surely that would reduce inflammation I would have thought.

  • Yes I take ibuprofen when I have flare ups and find it does help pain wise but I have been reading other sufferers take selenium . Read up on it and it says reduces inflamation and antibodies also some info on LDN for reducing antibodies and flare ups . its a case of trying to find an answer for oneself my endocrinologist said there is absolutely nothing to be done about the autoimmune disease the only thing he can offer is thyroxine for the hypothyroidism . Although it helped it didn't make me feel completely well wouldn't prescribe Triiodothonine or NDT so now as I said I take thyrogold ( dr Lowe) and almost frightened to say it but I do feel it is helping .you said your GP won't test for antithyroglobulin or peroxidase it does not surprise me tho it should I've learnt from bitter experience GP s and doctors know very little about thyroid disease apart from sending blood tests and if TSH is high and T4 low they will diagnose you with hypo and if they are normal they will dismiss thyroid and you are left to suffer!!! A thyroid ultrasound would be a good idea as it would show any cysts nodules swelling shrinkage and or inflamation I would insist with two jobs and two children I think you need all the help you can get , best wishes jay

  • Thanks Hun. I feel a bit more at ease now, happy new year xxx

  • Hi , it's been a while I just wondered how you are doing now ? Have you had any help from gp s or endos ? Any tests or scans ? Are you any worse or feeling much better and able to cope with jobs and kids??? Are you on a higher dose of levo or maybe doctors have changed to NDT or T3 tho here in the UK it is nigh impossible to be prescribed NDT or T3 . Hope you are well Jay

  • Hello 😊

    Palps drifted right off for a good few months. Then came back with avengence this last week. It's funny because I remember this happening at Xmas and looked over this tread to see what people advised. Lol anyway I'm on 125 now, this is because we're four months pregnant 😊🙏

    Got referred to endo when we found out, who put me on 150 as lack of maternal thyroid is one of the higher causes of miscarriage in hypothyroid women. I became overmedicated and they dropped me up 125. I think this may need increasing again as I've started to become symptomatic again, palps and extreme fatigue and brain fog all back. I haven't seen it past 9pm since I've been about 8 weeks lol. So the endo said my Hashi antibodies were under 35 (range was 100)which they said is negative: wondered if this made me sub clinical but I've been told on here I'm not and everyone on here knows a shed load than any GP I have come across!

    For some reason I feel more symptomatic after eating grapes, which is sad because I used to love them. Same with kale. Haven't had took the big step to gluten free, but may do one day.

    Thanks for checking in

    How are you? Xx

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