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Dry cracked and fissured lips linked to Thyroid issues!

Hello! I was wondering what could be causing my chronicically fissured, cracked and extremely dry lips. My lower are the worst of it all with what seems to be permanent split or crack on my lower right lip and recently both my upper and lower lips are so parched and cracked. I am in both Menopausal and post Menopausal stage. Also could Thyroid deficiencies and hypothyroidism cause this? This has been on for a short time, only about 9 months time, I never ever had this problem before? I have cared for them holistically and naturally, yet these days nothing works! Thank you very much indeed!

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Hi, low B12 can cause this, have you been tested? Thyroid issues and other autoimmune diseases can be the cause and it's recommended to wear a lip balm with SPF 15, (and obviously being tested if you haven't yet)


Get your iron (ferritin and haemoglobin), vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D tested as well as your thyroid hormones.

Sub-optimal levels in one or more of these can cause dry skin. Also if you do have an autoimmune disease it isn't rare to be sub-optimal in these nutrients as well.


Sometimes vaseline or sudacream might help. If not, I think a visit to your GP as it is a big nuisance if lip splits/bleeds when you try to eat.

"Is it good to put Vaseline on your lips?

The great thing about Vaseline® Jelly is that it is a fantastic moisturizer, locking moisture in and protecting lips from drying out. It's been a go-to lip care product for generations and is made with our 100% pure petroleum jelly which moisturizes the lips and won't dry them out."

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I developed this problem. It turned out, in the end, that I had developed an allergy to the mouthwash I was using to try and reduce the chronic mouth ulcers I suffer from. Recovery was slow though. It took several weeks for me to find out that I was doing the right thing by giving up the mouthwash.

Low B vitamins and low iron also have the affect of causing lip problems and cracking.


Checking your latest labs to see that your up to par with your thyroid levels . B-complex and drinking 8 cups of water . Being hydrated is very important . As we get older we need to force ourselves to drink .


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