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Swelling - lips and hands?

Some mornings I wake up and my lips and my hands are a bit swollen. At first I thought it might be a reaction to washing powder but because of its randomness I have excluded that. Then I thought maybe it was food related but I can't seem to pinpoint any particular food that causes it. So I really don't think it's an allergic reaction.

The other weird thing that happens from time to time is just he outline of my lips becomes raised and burns. It will sometimes go away in minutes, other times it lasts for hours.

Anybody ever had something like that?

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Swelling can be a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. It used to be one of the first things doctors diagnosed on before the thyroid gland blood tests came in.

Maybe you need another blood test to get your thyroid gland blood levels as you may need a rise in meds. When you get them ask for a print-out with ranges and post on a new question for comments.


Sorry I keep forgetting to put this in my posts. I'm not on meds, still trying to find out what is wrong with me. Had bloods a week ago...tsh was 3.4 (0.35-5.5) and ft4 was 13.3 (10-19.8). Also tpo ab went up to 247 (0-100) when back in the autumn it was 92.

This swelling thing has been happening for a long time so does make me wonder whether it has something to do with my thyroid.


This is a link which I hope is informative. Your GP probably doesn't know that this is a clinical symptom and is only going by your blood test results. Ask for a referral to an Endocrinologist. I would give your GP a print-out of this link but it is an archived site and some of the links within may not work. It is important your GP fixes your swelling complaint. Go to this date in particular May 22, 2001


Thanks for the link Shaws :)


Hello there

I only get the digest once a week and it takes me the best part of the week to read, so sorry for the late response !

This was the first symptom of hypothyroidism I had that I simply couldn't bat away , or hope it went away of its own accord, way before I was diagnosed. Was starting a new career and needed to be well - ignored my body telling me something was wrong for 12 months and more.Went to see my GP having never had cold sores before in my life and that's what he claimed my sore lips were suffering. I can remember him saying as I pointed to various raised areas, 'there's another one starting there...' He RX acyclovir (sp) tablets and the next morning having had just a dose or two I woke up with a trout pout which didn't go down for a week and looked completely out of place on a middle aged woman !

He had earlier diagnosed the tiny painful blisters I was getting, between my fingers as resulting from a change in washing's my absolute belief that these were both symptoms of hypothyroid, along with losing my hair, being post menopausal at 46, gaining weight, often feeling like I was aboard ship on rough seas when I was walking along a pavement and a plummeting libido.

All I can offer is witness to your symptoms - I really hope you find you have some other condition - hypothyroidism sucks, big time. Make sure you get your bloods tested early in the morning and do go for a retest, fo your own peace of mind if nothing else.

Food luck chihiro


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