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Tender lump found today

I found a tender lump in between my left under jaw bone and My neck today. I had 3 tumours more than an inch big and surgery and rai 5 years ago on my thyroid. cohld it have spread despite the rai? Not trying to be alarmist allready.but I just know my luck :( any how I seem to be lucky. I have a thyroid area ultrasound booked next week as course accidently. So ill ask them to sneak a peek. And just to fill you in I have a meeting at King's with a professor and my psychiatrist so we can discuss weather the schitzoaffective disorder dizgnosis (bipolar and schizophrenia elements) for 17 years has been. Thyroid psychosis. ?.. interesting stuff. Ill keep you posted!

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Do you have thyroglobulin cancer marker checks? If Tg remains <6.0 I was told it is unlikely thyCa has recurred. Ultrasound should be able to show whether it is a swollen lymph node or saliva gland or something else.

I'll be very interested to know the outcome of your meeting at King's.

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So glad you are getting heard 😊 Hope the appointment goes well for you. Am sure you will go well prepared !


Good luck zebady . Interested to hear how you get on. You have certainly been through the mill lately.

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thankyou j bee , marz, and clutter. the lump turned out to be nothing, but thankyou for your concern, it turned out it was a saliva gland.... I had just started taking modafnil, so we stopped it. but strangely enough ive also had a breakout of acne, and ive never had it before, ever, I had just started pregabbalin for neuropathic pain, and its a possible sideeffect.

And as to the professor he was called away to do some surgery and we didn't get to see him much to my annoyance and psychiatrists.

He now seems very aloosif and hard to get hold of, after making his previous misdiagnosis claims, my dad is wondering weather he will champion the idea and risk his reputation or even just reiterate what he said to us.... I know thyroid psychosis exists... just google it, and mis-diagnosis'.

I saw another endo too and she told me that in her experience around a 3rd of people go on to be thyroidtoxic adding liothyronine, and one 3rd nothing happens, one 3rd have a honey moon period where it works then it stops, and a 3rd it helps..... and now my threes arnt adding up so obviously I wasn't listening well enough.

But at least now I know that I am a partial responder, where all my symptoms come back after a 'honey moon period'. She seemed to politely say 'you have to put up with it'.


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