Cooked spinach destroys my stomach whenever I eat it

Hi, I have been noticing for one year that whenever I eat even a little amount of cooked spinach (with rice or bread, as this is the traditional dish here in Pakistan and India. I dunno if people from UK and other region do eat the combo or not) after some time it makes me feel bloating and stubborn stomach. It lasts for 3-4 days and I go through some severe gastric problem and then it suddenly gets okay. But during this period of time, I cannot go to gym or do some usual stuff. Can someone please tell me is it because I have sensitive stomach or something else?

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Spinach is quite high in salicylates so it could be salicylate intolerance. Have a look at this:

This is a link which may be helpful. Many of us avoid foods that can interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormones.

Most of us also have stomach problems due to low stomach acid caused by hypothyroidism. If you try taking Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water or juice before your meal you might find it helpful. Or, a digestive enzyme with your food which also provides acid. We need acid to digest foods particularly protein.

The only 'food' - and I don't even consider it to be a food - that interferes with the uptake of thyroid hormone, is unfermented soy. :)

Could it be the bread you have with it?

Probably not, but spinach itself, as I ate it with rice yesterday.

No idea why its a problem, but I get minor stomach upsets with Spinach too. I am not great with any of the brassicas either but in a different way, never checked out if they are related.

I once had a severe reaction to the pubgeant smell of wallflowers. My GP put 2 and 2 together and hit the jackpot! I'd been diagnosed with IBS years earlier with generally means I had intermittant gut problems which couldn't be identified. My doctor realised that wallflowers were brassicas so I stopped eating them problem solved this was Lso backed up with a food intolerance test years later.

Your GP at the time deserves a gold star!

Yes but surgery asked him to leave as he had two serious illnesses close together and wanted to go part time-they said no so he left! Typical!!!

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